• News
    • Complaint against the decision as to the composition of the group in the class action
    • Effective submission of a letter to the court in the form of an electronic document
    • Responsibility of a member of the management board of a capital company for its obligations
    • Contestation of data arising from fire protection
    • Invalidity of the proceedings and access to case files
    • Passing the legal adviser exam and being entered on the list of legal advisers
    • Assessment of the authenticity of the signature under the pleading by the court
    • Defamation on the Internet
    • Compensation for passengers
    • The judgment is inconsistent with EU law
  • Articles
    • Contractual penalty for lack of or untimely payment of remuneration due to sub-contractors - on the margin of the resolution of the Supreme Court
    • Division of real estate for use - quoad usum
    • Simplified proceedings in cases of maintenance filed by a minor child against a parent
    • The necessary content of the declaration of will to withdraw from the contract
    • Polish family foundation - legislative demands
    • Middle class relief - rules of use, amount and consequences of using in advance income tax

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