• News
    • Oral announcement of a judgment and issuance of a judgment
    • Entry in the register of monuments and the local spatial development plan
    • Providing personal data of website users
    • Information obligation in insurance contracts
    • The intermediary's information obligation
    • Passenger's right to compensation
  • Articles
    • Heterosexuality of spouses in Poland and in the world
    • The legal nature of the loan agreement and the admissibility of the plea of detention in Swiss franc proceedings in the light of the current position of the Supreme Court
    • Complaint against the reimbursement of the costs of the appeal proceedings in the event of a cassation appeal by the opposing party
    • Time limit for appealing against the decision of the Bank Guarantee Fund to initiate forced restructuring
    • Enforcement fees to be borne by the creditor in the course of enforcement proceedings for cash benefits
    • Pursuing claims for damages in terms of subjects - analysis of selected procedural solutions

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