Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2022/10

  • News
    • Penalty for the Polish driver
    • Refusal to initiate proceedings on compensation for the seized plot of land
    • Letter qualification in administrative proceedings
    • Information obligations of the court
    • Omission of the attorney for deliveries by the tax authority
    • Providing the doctor's personal data
    • The judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal as the basis for a complaint to reopen the proceedings
    • Order with the obligation to pay
    • Costs of remuneration of the attorney-in-fact
    • Information on the use of wiretapping or surveillance as classified information
  • Articles
    • Limits of the court's obligation to collect evidence in consumer cases ex officio - part 2
    • Women's abortion rights - Poland and European standards
    • Characteristics of an advance payment for expenses on the example of an advance payment for the taking of evidence from an expert opinion in civil proceedings
    • Reservation agreement in the new developer act
    • About the agreed time (date) and reasons for delays in the context of Art. 635 of the Civil Code

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