Polityka Społeczna (Social Policy) 2022/05-06

  • The importance and role of permanent benefits as a form of support for the elderly
    The article deals with issues related to the implementation of the principle of subsidiarity and cooperation of social assistance in the field of granting financial benefits in the form of permanent benefits by social assistance institutions. The aim of the article is also to determine whether the material assistance provided in the form of a permanent benefit is sufficient to improve the situation of households of the elderly. In order to achieve the goal and verify the role and application of the statutory principles of social assistance in the practice of granting permanent benefits, the authors analyzed legal regulations, jurisprudence on the principles of granting cash benefits, as well as statistical and financial data prepared by the ministry responsible for social security and social security institutions. subordinates for the years 2011-2020. As a result of the analyzes, it was noticed the need to change the rules concerning the determination of income criteria for entitlement to benefits (in the form of annual amendments to the income criteria) and linking the amount of the maximum benefit with the minimum remuneration for work and / or the minimum retirement pension.
  • Public policies supporting professional activation of people leaving prisons in Poland
    The article contains an analysis of public policies implemented in relation to people leaving prisons in Poland. Detailed policies and institutions affecting the situation of the convict are identified, and the objectives of these institutions and the impact directed at the convicts are analyzed. The particular perspective adopted by the authors is the priority of professional activation of convicts, enabling their social readaptation. The authors identify research gaps in the area of professional activation of convicts and formulate recommendations regarding the involvement of public employment services in the process of preparing convicts to leave the prison.
  • Processuality of involvement in volunteering - a symbolic-interactionist perspective. Research report
    The aim of the article is to reconstruct the career stages of volunteers. In a qualitative sociological study, transcriptions of narrative biographical interviews were used. The data was analyzed according to the procedures of the grounded theory methodology. As a result of this analysis, three stages of the voluntary career as well as the conditions and contexts of their occurrence were distinguished.
  • Living and living in the IGS diaries of the unemployed - the decade of transformation
    The aim of the article is to signal the structural features of living and living in Poland on the basis of their diaries from the first decade of transformation, published by the Institute of Social Economy in 2003–2008, in combination with the general message in this regard diaries published by the Institute in 1933. The applied conceptual apparatus derived from the concept of settlement infrastructure made it possible to distinguish features concerning: the availability of housing and other forms of shelter, social and spatial accessibility of elementary services, as well as higher-order services, and the social and spatial mobility of the unemployed in space inhabited and a wider living space in search of work and social assistance. The article focuses on the fundamental problems caused by unemployment in meeting the basic needs of diarists' housing and housing, threatening shelter and survival, and determining social exclusion.
  • Subsistence minimum in the fourth quarter of 2021
    The article presents the subsistence minimum estimates for the conditions in the fourth quarter of 2021. They include the scope and manner of satisfying the needs in the so-called typical conditions. Due to the lack of data on changes in household consumption in 2021, the specific conditions of COVID-19 have not yet been taken into account. When they are known and it is necessary to change the assumptions of the model, the value of the subsistence minimum for this period can be re-estimated. The external conditions were relatively good: the unemployment rate at the end of 2021 was low (5.4%), the average salary increased in nominal terms by 13.8% compared to September data. However, inflation was rising (2.6% compared to the third quarter, 8.6% in December 2021 to December 2020).

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