Praca Socjalna (Social Work) 2020/06 (11-12)

  • Information for readers
    • Social Work Library (5)
  • For reflection
    • SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or COVID-19, that changed the world, our world (7)
    • Occupational activity of older people on the labor market overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic (21)
  • Between theory and practice
    • Supporting family as a form of family support (35)
    • Implementation of the Act on supporting the family and foster care system in the field of adapting care and educational facilities to new standards (45)
    • The potential of peer volunteering as a complementary form of support for a professional system of social services (59)
    • Human rights in social work. Validation of instruments for measuring the level of involvement and exposure of social workers to human rights. Polish adaptation of the scales Human Rights Eng a gement in Social Work and Human Rights Exposure in Social Work (78)
  • In the field of penitentiary issues
    • Empathy and burnout in employees of the Prison Service (99)
    • The concept and example of assistant assistance as a form of support in social readaptation of prisoners in the context of the activities of the Roman Catholic parish (117)
  • Closer to the right
    • Cash benefits from social assistance in the light of the jurisprudence of administrative courts - selected issues. Part 1 (135)
  • Reviewers in 2020 (171)

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