• The results of the pilot program of early therapeutic rehabilitation for people who during an accident, in particular an accident at work, suffered a trauma to the locomotor system, carried out at the Independent Public Clinical Hospital. Professor A. Grucy CMKP in Otwock (1)
    Rehabilitation is an indispensable component of the medical and social development of every modern country. It means a set of actions aimed at restoring or shaping optimal biological, family and social functions in people with disabilities. Rehabilitation should enable a person with a disability to quickly return to the family and society as a whole. Achieving this goal is possible through the implementation of therapeutic, professional and social rehabilitation tasks. Multi-faceted, early, comprehensive medical (curative) rehabilitation becomes the driving force of social, pedagogical and professional rehabilitation.
  • XX Congress of the International Association of Ergonomics "Creativity in Practice" IEC 2018 (18)
    On August 26-30, 2018, the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association took place in Florence. The Congress is organized every 3 years.
  • Chronic diseases - a challenge for everyone (30)
    According to the definition of the US Commission for Chronic Diseases, chronic diseases are disorders or deviations from the norm that have one or more of the following characteristics: long-term course, ambiguous etiology, dysfunction or disability, the need for specialized therapeutic and rehabilitation proceedings, and long-term observation or care. The specificity of chronic diseases is also the multifaceted steps taken to restore chronically ill people to their typical social roles, including professional ones. people with chronic diseases should simultaneously benefit from appropriate therapeutic and rehabilitation activities, as well as from psychological support facilitating adaptation to new, changed conditions of functioning in everyday life.
  • Obligations of the employer related to the accident during a business trip and accident benefits (35)
    During a business trip, the employee primarily has the task of performing a business task commissioned by the employer outside the permanent workplace. he is then exposed to various types of accident hazards, often of a different type than in the permanent place of work he knows. These threats arise both from completing the task in a new place and from moving from the place of departure to the place where the business trip ends. In addition, they may result from the place of accommodation where the employee is waiting for the performance of the service task.
  • Events, opinions - 2018 (48)

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