Problemy Jakości (Quality Problems) 2020/02

  • March 4 - World Engineer Day
    The World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO - World Federation of Engineering Organizations) came out with the initiative of establishing an international engineering day - a holiday, which will emphasize the role of the creators of technology and the importance of their work for society.
  • From foreign press
    The use of quality management tools and techniques and their integration with a quality management system (Jordi Castello, Rudi De Castro, Frederic Marimon. 2020. "Use of quality tools and techniques and their integration into ISO 9001. A wind power supply chain case", International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 37 (1): 68-89) The scientific journal "International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management" contains an article in which the results of surveys on the use of various tools and techniques of quality management were presented and discussed.
  • Project quality - implementation models
    The purpose of the article is to analyze the implementation aspect of the organization's activities in terms of improving the quality of the intended enterprise. The implementation and maintenance of a quality management system is one thing. Effective and effective implementation of the tasks ordered - this is the second. Theoretically, there is no conflict here, after all, it is easier to make a good product in an efficient company. But maintaining the system is the responsibility of top management, and the execution of the order is the responsibility of the executive services. There is not always perfect harmony here. To support executive services, future specialists with the help of large projects, individual orders or process or product innovations with the help of future specialists. Therefore, the authors proposed several selected models of project implementation and their features determining the suitability for a particular application.
  • Classification of quality costs
    The concept of quality costs has been known since the last century. Over the years, many characteristics of this concept have been created, various types of structures depicting individual groups included in the costs of quality have been presented. The article presents the evolution of the concept and development of the quality cost model. The relationship between their division into two main groups was emphasized - the so-called compliance costs and non-compliance costs. On this basis, a universal quality cost model has been proposed, which can be used by all organizations regardless of the size or nature of the business
  • Quality culture and factors shaping it in universities
    The article presents considerations regarding the culture of quality in higher education institutions. Particular attention was paid to factors that support the development of quality culture at universities and those that constitute barriers to its positive development. This issue was presented against the background of various research results on quality culture as a specific organizational subculture.

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