Problemy Jakości (Quality Problems) 2020/03

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    For the 22nd time prizes and distinctions were awarded to Polish innovators. Among the winners of the "Polish Product of the Future" competition organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the National Center for Research and Development are projects in the field of medicine, chemistry, electronics and biotechnology. Entrepreneurs, scientific units and their consortia competed for three main prizes of 100,000. as well as special mentions and awards. The ceremonial gala with the announcement of the results also began the celebration of the 20th anniversary of PARP. The competition aims to promote innovative products and technologies developed in Poland that have the potential to appear on the global market. Every day, its organizers offer support to enterprises and research units that want to implement innovative projects and create innovative products and services. - Winners of the Competition change the reality that surrounds us and successfully conquer global markets
  • Quantification of quality costs
    Quality should now be perceived by enterprises as an added value that can be helpful, among others, in maintaining regular and acquiring new customers, and thus, increasing profit. The functioning of each activity is accompanied by expenses and costs, and those that are assigned to quality assurance can be identified and recorded in the appropriate accounts. Enterprises that are guided by the idea of quality management in their activities have the opportunity to use a specific instrument that can help identify strengths and weaknesses of the business in the context of the need to bear costs, including the so-called quality costs. Identification and quantification of this kind of costs can be a significant quality potential of an enterprise, indicate the direction of improvement actions. In order to get a full picture of the possibilities of these activities, a more detailed analysis should be made and the so-called quality cost accounting (RKJ) implemented in the organization. It can become the foundation of a specific system for identifying, measuring and processing information on quality costs for the purposes of both financial and management accounting. As part of the quality cost account, individual costs can be identified, valued, recorded and analyzed. Registration on appropriate accounts and in appropriate cross-sections of costs related to quality, arising in all phases of a product's life, can be used to analyze their formation and report the results obtained. Keeping a quality cost account can contribute to an increase in the efficiency of an enterprise's activity by: indicating sources of deviations from quality requirements, measuring their value and implementing actions to eliminate such deviations
  • From a pro-health attitude in the yacht shipyard to limiting risks at the job of a laminator
    Among the ten global trends that will soon have the strongest impact on enterprises, experts mention the involvement of companies in stimulating and supporting a healthy lifestyle of staff and using the image of employees to build the company's brand. The article presents the importance of the health and safety of shipyard employees, which are the main components of an organization's safety culture - affecting the increase in the efficiency of company management. Adaptation of working conditions to the physical and mental conditions of the employee promotes high efficiency and quality of work, automatically serving human well-being, i.e. a sense of happiness and satisfaction with life. The specificity of the molder's work is associated with many factors that can threaten his health and even life. The article analyzes possible ways to eliminate harmful and troublesome factors that occur during typical repair activities in the yacht shipyard under examination. A health-promoting attitude is a component of the company's security culture. Physical activity and proper nutrition are factors that significantly shape the health, well-being and level of employees' involvement in their duties. Numerous scientific studies confirm the experience of experts in the field of health promotion in workplaces. In Poland, every fifth medium and large enterprise cares about the health of its staff to a greater extent than required by law. Most employers provide employees with medical care, support physical activity and healthy nutrition of staff
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