Problemy Jakości (Quality Problems) 2020/04

  • The National Center for Research and Development allocates PLN 200 million to the fight against coronavirus
    PLN 200 million will go to Polish entrepreneurs and scientists who are working on diagnostics, treatment and prevention of viral diseases. The National Center for Research and Development has announced the Fast Path "Coronavirus" competition. The executive agency of the Minister of Science and Higher Education uses a proven formula to finance innovation from European Funds to counter the spread of coronavirus pandemics, including SARS-CoV-2. What will PLN 200 million from the Intelligent Development Program be allocated to? The NCRD envisaged three basic thematic areas in which projects submitted for co-financing should be included: Diagnostics - devices for rapid detection of coronavirus presence. Treatment - research into the use of existing or new drugs, as well as work on vaccines.
  • Safety and health protection in managing construction projects
    Construction objects arise during the implementation of construction projects. Participants of these projects are interested in taking systematic actions to improve the state of occupational safety and health protection. The effectiveness of these activities requires that they be carried out as part of a comprehensive management system for the construction project implementation process. The safety management and health protection system is part of the overall project management system, which includes: organizational structure, planning, responsibility, rules of conduct, procedures, processes and resources and requires analysis of safety and health protection issues in its individual areas, phases, stages. This is primarily due to the fact that proper management is the most effective way to ensure an adequate level of safety and health protection (bioz), desirable both due to the need to comply with legal provisions in force in construction, social expectations, and the possibility of obtaining positive economic effects by individual participants of the process in the scale of the entire construction project. The article proposes a theoretical model of the built undertaking that can be used to recognize the state of bioses. The model identifies parts, activities and areas in accordance with the logical course of the process, which have been assigned to individual stages of the project. A research tool - RADAR BIOZ - was developed to identify the factors affecting bioz.
  • About the constant search for perfection - about the Polish Quality Award
    The world around us is characterized by constant changeability, although we prefer to get accustomed to repetition and stability, as exemplified by dates and events, in the pace of constant change one should weigh important and important things, and know which ones are. Such important things probably include the Polish Quality Award. Some time has passed since the last jubilee XXV edition of the Polish Quality Award Competition, but I would like to tell you a few words about this special event - not only because of the jubilee, but also because it takes place during the 100th anniversary of regaining independence.
  • From foreign press
    Quality management tools and techniques for industry 4.0 (Isa Saifuddin, Hamid Syaiful Rizal. 2020. "A Study of Quality Tools and Techniques in the Context of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Malaysia. What's New?" Quality - Access to Success 21 (174): 88-96) Industry 4.0 is a term meaning the integrated use of machinery and equipment, sensor systems, as well as specialized computer software.Thanks to this combination, organizations become intelligent, flexible and dynamic. This translates directly into increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their activities.
  • Conditions for the functioning and improvement of a quality-oriented organization in the new economy
    The new economy is a new economic order in which there is a strong focus on intangible resources, including knowledge. It is also a new economic order of the third wave of social development, in which knowledge, digital techniques, networks and real-time activities play a decisive role. The key to organizational success in the new reality is quality and knowledge. Knowledge must be focused on the quality of the product, processes, information and life. Knowledge and skills of its application to create innovation are the basic determinants of value creation. Distinguishing competences and constant development of human capital are important. Success in the conditions of the new economy is measured by achievements in knowledge management and the effects obtained as a result of direct and indirect exploitation of intellectual property. In the conditions of the new economy, enterprises should use pro-quality management that enables effective business management. The high quality of management creates conditions for increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the organization. Contemporary management of organizations is based on the criterion of quality. Quality management is a dynamic and innovative process that enables the promotion of pro-quality awareness and creates the basis for continuous improvement of management. The effectiveness of this improvement depends on the quality of knowledge. The article shows the essence of the new economy, its assumptions, elements, and functioning conditions. The need for pro-quality management in organizations operating in the conditions of the new economy was pointed out. The importance of intangible resources in the process of managing and improving the organization was emphasized. The article uses critical analysis of available literature.

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