• On the activities of the POLISH ISO 9000 FORUM Club in the 2016-2020 term
    The completed 7th term of the POLISH FORUM ISO 9000 Club Board encourages us to summarize and present the results of our activities. The Club's activity, initiated 30 years ago, and the idea behind it: “Integrates, informs, facilitates contacts” is still valid, without losing its value and importance. During the 7th term of office, the Management Board undertook activities for quality, implementing the Club's mission - substantive support of national organizations in improving the application of management standards and taking all actions to increase awareness of the implementation and maintenance of effective quality management mechanisms. The club continues its activity as a non-governmental, independent, voluntary non-profit organization, associating both organizations interested in the implementation, improvement and development of management systems and compliance assessment systems, as well as people interested in this subject area. The actual members of the Club are production companies, service companies, large and small economic entities, state institutions, associations and foundations.
  • From the foreign press
    Corporate social responsibility and consumer behavior Chih-Chuan Wang. 2020. “Corporate social responsibility on customer behavior: the mediating role of corporate image and customer satisfaction”. Analysis of the water absorption phenomenon in the assessment of the quality of footwear materials In this work, the authors focused on the assessment of the water absorption properties and the drying speed of material packages intended for footwear uppers. Due to the fact that water absorption and the related drying kinetics of materials play an important role in determining the quality of materials and their packages, recording and analyzing these phenomena may be an important element of the evaluation of usability. The tested materials were assessed in terms of the amount of water absorbed, as well as the rate of its release under drying conditions without external energy supply. Based on the research results obtained, they were classified in terms of their applicability in packages for the production of shoe uppers.
  • Assessment of the quality of logistics services and its exemplification
    The aim of the article is to discuss the definition of service logistics, its quality and evaluation method, as well as to present the selected method of evaluating the quality of service logistics on the example of an enterprise. In order to achieve the aim of the article, literature studies and empirical research were carried out using the proposed assessment of the quality of service logistics. As part of the empirical research, the index analysis, questionnaire research and free interview were used. The conducted research showed the possibility of assessing the quality of logistics services by combining logistics indicators with the assessment of customer satisfaction in terms of quality. The results of the research indicated that the obtained data in relation to a given market constitute a reliable source of information for managers for activities ensuring the building of a competitive market position.
  • Motivating employees to improve quality. Implementation problems
    The article discusses problems related to financial (here limited to rewarding for quality) and non-financial - mainly with the system of recognition of efforts to improve quality. The aim of the article is an attempt to systematize the knowledge concerning the broadly understood quality motivation. The author tries to answer two basic questions: can the released sense of pride of employees have a motivating effect? What means of motivation are used by pro-quality organizations and what are their limitations? The main research method used by the author was a literature review.

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