Problemy Jakości (Quality Problems) 2021/02

  • The "Normalization and me" competition has already started! 1.02.2021–30.04.2021 catalog number: 130487
    The Polish Committee for Standardization is organizing the 9th National Competition "Standardization and me", the title of which is: "The importance of standards in the development of the industry of the future (Industry 4.0)".
  • Information about the XXII International Conference "Quality of hope for a better world Quality & Hope 2020
    conference was held on 27-29 November 2020. In Kazimierz Dolny. Due to the restrictions related to the pandemic, the formula of the Conference was changed, the first stage - on-line - was held on November 27, 2020, and the second stage is planned for May 2021.
  • Proposed research lines on the cost of quality
    Christina Dimitrantzou, Evangelos Psomas, Fotios Vouzas. 2020. "Future research avenues of cost of quality : a systematic literature review ".
  • Before you implement 5S, or 10 steps to hell - part II
    The article is a continuation of considerations on the practical aspect of implementing the 5S tool in one of the Polish forges. The first part of the article was published in the issue 1/2021 of "Problems of Quality".
  • Complaints process as a product improvement tool on the example of a medical device
    When improving the quality of medical devices, a pro-quality company decides to systematize the complaint process. The improvement of a medical device should be a consequence of the finalized product complaint process. The medical device complaint process can be treated as a tool improving the quality of a medical device, key in the product quality management process, as well as increasing the satisfaction of the user of the medical device, which determines the competitive advantage. The aim of the article is to present the complaint process as a tool for improving a medical device using methods such as: literature analysis, case study, deduction method. The aim of the study was also to draw attention to solutions in the complaint process of a product used for specialist treatments by a well-known company in the medical industry.
  • Ensuring food safety in gastronomy during the COVID-19 pandemic - case study
    The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the global economy. Lockdown contributed to disruptions in the functioning of many enterprises, including those in the catering industry. After unblocking the economy, catering establishments, in order to be able to function, had to adapt working conditions to strict guidelines that indicate specific actions aimed at reducing the risk of coronavirus infection. The aim of the article is to present solutions related to ensuring food safety in catering establishments in different countries and to propose activities related to maintaining food safety in closed-type mass catering establishments. The necessity to identify and monitor new critical control points (CCP-COV), which are closely related to the continuity of hygiene in the catering production process, was indicated.

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