• Hierarchy of issues in knowledge management processes - in the light of articles published in the SCOPUS database
    A growing number of articles and research on knowledge management reveal an increasing number of related topics. The aim of the article is an attempt to identify, integrate and classify these issues, presenting them as a diagram of categories and groups. As a tool, text analysis was used for 1,431 articles, of which 3,379 unique keywords were identified. The source of the sample was the search engine of one publisher SCOPUS. The resulting classification scheme contains 101 unique groups of keywords, contained in 7 major categories. The developed categories were created for knowledge management within the enterprise (from the point of view of processes). They should be treated as a starting point for further analysis, which would cover the area outside the enterprise, i.e. cooperation with external institutions, innovation in international corporations. The schema is useful for recognizing whether the items it contains are part of the knowledge management assessment among the processes taking place in organizations.
  • The decomposition of the emotional module of the quality of life - the first component "hope"
    This article (or perhaps more an essay) in its content and form refers to the previous publication (No. 3'2021 "Quality Problems"), in which an attempt was made to define the emotional module of the quality of life and it was announced that the ongoing recognition components of this module could be the beginning of a series of papers in this journal devoted to the most important components of this module. This study is the first in this cycle and concerns hope, i.e. one of those values (virtues) that accompanies man in his daily relations with himself and the surrounding reality. The author of this work attempted to answer the following questions: what is hope? (between truth and illusion); what is really going on? (true hope is the mother of the wise); how to activate hope? (she never dies); what are the feelings related to hope? (mutually supportive energies) and what are the emotional veils of hope? (the illusion of hope is the mother of the fools).

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