Problemy Jakości (Quality Problems) 2022/02

  • Polish Quality Award
    The use of incentives in the global economy to stimulate Comprehensive Quality Management (...) proves that in the modern economy there are similar concepts and standards of quality action. This is evidenced by the prestige of the quality awards. " Professor Katarzyna Szczepańska The importance of the Polish Quality Award has been the concern of many people and entities who have been creating, supporting and taking actions for its implementation for nearly 30 years. The Polish Quality Award as a distinction awarded to organizations for implementing the philosophy of quality management in the previous 25 editions of the competition has become a recognized and important distinction.
  • Lean management culture. Measurement and methodology of self-assessment on the example of a selected healthcare organization
    Presentation of selected tools for measuring lean management culture (LM) and the stages of using one of such tools on the example of a selected medical organization. Research design / research methodology / concept: The following research methods were used in the work: review and critical analysis of the literature on the subject, case study method, including analysis of existing (secondary) data, in-depth interview method, self-assessment method using a questionnaire, method of conceptual work, method of analysis, synthesis and logical inference.
  • Cultural melting pot and product safety management
    The aim of the article is to present how the cultural melting pot, ubiquitous in international corporations, contributes to building and ensuring a culture of security in an organization. By organization, we mean a company with an aviation profile on the basis of which the analysis was based, and where product safety is understood as ensuring the safety of the aircraft flight. Research design / research method / concept: The article uses the observation method based on the authors' practical experience in implementing the Safety Management System. The publications and statistics related to the above system were analyzed, and the conclusions were subjected to a comparative analysis.
  • Quality defects in the production of food packaging from paper and cardboard
    The article presents the results of research on quality defects occurring in the production of food packaging from paper and cardboard. Research design / research methodology / concept: The research was conducted in 2019-2020 using a questionnaire. They were attended by companies certified for compliance with the BRC GS Packaging Materials standard based in Poland.
  • Security of electronic transactions and the evaluation of trust service providers (TSP)
    Currently, more than ever, humans are defined by their own digital identity, and the digitization of services contributes to enormous activity in the area of network transactions. Unfortunately, the use of online services also carries a danger, which in the era of dynamic technology development is a nuisance. Trust services are electronic services provided in European Union countries that have been introduced to conclude secure transactions by electronic means. Trust service providers (TSP), facing contemporary challenges, offer an ever wider range of such services. Thanks to the use of trust services by consumers, entrepreneurs and public administration, it is possible to transfer many activities to the digital level while maintaining important standards. However, there is a concern as to whether the TSP will maintain these standards. In this area, the compliance assessment of trust service providers is applicable, which will be available in the offer of the Quality Certification Center (CCj) in the middle of this year.

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