• Decomposition of the emotional module of the quality of life - the sixth and seventh components of "trust" and "trust"
    The aim of the article is to recognize trust and trust as successive (sixth and seventh) components of the emotional quality of life module. And in this article, as in previous publications in this series, its content will answer the following four important questions: first - what is trust and trust? (it's feelings or emotions); second - what are the feelings related to trust and trust? (other feelings supporting trust and confidence and a culture of trust / confidence); third - what are the emotional veils of trust and confidence? (the main "sleepers" of these emotional states, strengthening the "culture" of distrust) and fourth - why should we be trusting and showing trust? (this is another version of our humanity).
  • Sustainable development goals and their implementation in the light of management system standards and their integration
    Identify current management system standards and their types, and find links between the requirements of specific standards and the goals of sustainable development. An additional goal is to show which of the systems most fully support the organization in its pursuit of sustainable development. Research design / research methodology / concept: The work takes into account three perspectives - literary cognition, practical and empirical (research). The research was divided into five stages and used the method of secondary (existing) data analysis, the monographic method, the comparative analysis method, the method of synthesis and logical inference.
  • Quality of customer service at petrol stations in theoretical and practical aspects
    The aim of this article was to present the importance of the issues of customer service at petrol stations. These types of facilities are not only points selling fuel. Currently, their activities have developed so much that the availability of various services provided by them is very rich and varied. Hence the need to verify the quality of services, especially in the context of the service provided there and consumer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring the safety and resilience of the functioning of the organization - implementation of a business continuity management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22301
    The proverb "May you live in interesting times" is commonly associated with Chinese origin. And although it apparently carries a positive message, it is more worthy of being called a curse. It is hard to resist the impression that the times in which we live today undoubtedly deserve to be called "interesting". After all, just a few years ago, we considered films showing catastrophic visions of a world engulfed in pandemics and people wearing sealed suits as an unimaginable fiction and the result of film makers' fantasies.

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