Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2020/07-08

The main theme of the holiday edition of the "Health and Safety Promoter" are the activities of the logistics industry in the age of coronavirus. Additionally, in the latest issue you will read about: ventilation of rooms during a pandemic, collective poisoning in the laboratory, the latest legal changes, the impact of COVID-19 on the activities of Amazon and MPK Pure Home. In the July-August issue you will also learn about occupational risk assessment during a pandemic.

  • Promotional article
    • IT in the health and safety service - nothing but benefits (7)
      Maintaining high security standards is an important element of the strategy of modern companies. Production organization, however, is becoming more and more complex, and this complicates procedures, forcing them to expand control and documentation systems. The answer to growing needs is the automation and digitization of processes related to health and safety. Let's discuss it on the example of the Work Safety Management System, implemented by specialists from the ftts company.
  • Subject of the issue
    • Challenges of coronavirus ergonomics in logistics (8)
      During a pandemic, and not only in every work, you should follow your common sense, ergonomic awareness and comply with applicable regulations. In the article, we describe logistical activities in the age of coronavirus.
    • Logistics in coal transport (14)
      Processes occurring during coal loading require a huge concentration of employees, organization of positions and flow of information between particular stages. So how can everything be coordinated to provide employees with safe and hygienic working conditions?
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment during a pandemic (20)
      Occupational risk assessment is one of the most important tools for analyzing the workplace to provide employees with safe working conditions. In the article, we discuss occupational risk assessment during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
  • Work safety
    • Room ventilation in the age of coronavirus (26)
      In the article, we present recommendations on actions to reduce the risk associated with the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus through ventilation and air conditioning systems inside public buildings and large-scale commercial facilities.
    • Safe despite a pandemic. Field workers (31)
      In connection with the spread of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Development - in cooperation with the Chief Sanitary Inspector - has prepared recommendations for entrepreneurs from the transport and logistics industry. Can field workers feel safe?
    • Safe despite a pandemic. Office staff (34)
      More and more employees are returning to their offices after a long period of remote work. How can the employer provide them with safe and healthy working conditions? Or maybe he should keep some employees in homes where they are less likely to get infected?
  • Accident Analysis
    • Collective intoxication in the laboratory (36)
      Last year, two laboratory workers poisoned with formaldehyde. The findings of the inspector of the National Labor Inspectorate show that the reason for this accident was the premature opening of the sterilizer. The injured suffered minor injuries.
  • Good practices
    • SARS-CoV-2 and the logistics industry. Interview with an Amazon representative (42)
      How did the pandemic affect Amazon's operation? Waldemar Górak, regional OHS manager at Amazon, talks to Małgorzata Wołoch-Lach about the impact of the coronavirus on the company's operations and ensuring the safety of employees.
    • Safety of employees of the municipal services sector during a pandemic (46)
      How to increase employee safety during a pandemic? Gracjan Sasim, President of the Board of MPK Pure Home, talks about changes in the municipal services sector in the age of coronavirus in an interview with Małgorzata Wołoch-Lach.
  • Practical tools
    • Spatial information systems in health and safety service (50)
      Geoinformation is used to acquire, store, analyze and share information having a spatial reference to the Earth's surface. Health and safety uses this type of data, e.g. recording accidents on the way to work or checking the condition of load-bearing structures of buildings.
  • Law
    • Changes in health and safety regulations in the age of coronavirus (54)
      It is the responsibility of every employer to look after the well-being and safety of their employees. The time of the pandemic does not release him from this obligation, on the contrary. In the article we present the most important legal changes related to health and safety at the time of SARS-CoV-2 spread.
  • Events
    • The OHS service is fighting hate! (57)
      Branches of the Polish Association of Occupational Safety and Health Service Employees (OSPSBHP) have been fighting fiercely for a few weeks with the problem of hate, which during the outbreak of the coronavirus is growing in strength and affects other professional groups - medics, teachers, miners, as well as their families.
    • Master in Health and Safety? Why not! (58)
      From October 2020, the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom launches MA studies in Health and Safety.

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