Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2020/09

The main subject of the September issue of "Promotor BHP" is safety in the food industry. The latest issue also includes articles on: safe metalworking, employers' activities in the field of occupational health and safety at particularly hazardous work, accidents at work remotely, safety culture at NEO Hospital. The September edition was also enriched with the addition "Safe work in the energy sector".

  • Subject of the issue: Microbiological hazards in food production and gastronomy (8)
    Prevention of biological hazards in the workplace is a new and dynamically developing phenomenon that poses a challenge to occupational health and safety and industrial hygiene services. What dangers do people working in food production and gastronomy face?
  • The food industry and coronavirus (14)
    Can SARS-CoV-2 virus be present in food? The drug tells about the tightening of hygiene rules in the food industry. med. Grzegorz Hudzik (Silesian Provincial Sanitary Inspector) in conversation with Małgorzata Wołoch-Lach.
  • Hazards at work in meat processing plants (17)
    Meat processing is considered a particularly dangerous industry due to numerous accident hazards. Their identification is an important element of the professional risk assessment, which is the responsibility of every employer.
  • Work safety
    • Safe metal working (18)
      Metal processing is a combination of all processes related to changing the shape, physical and chemical properties and dimensions of various metals. To what risks is an employee exposed to this type of work and what personal protective equipment should he remember?
    • Employer's activities in the field of health and safety at work particularly dangerous (24)
      Work carried out over 1 m is already considered work at height. They are subject to specific organizational rules. So what should the employer remember to create safe conditions for particularly dangerous work?
    • Americans research in Mikołów (28)
      The "Barbara" Experimental Mine was the first mine in Poland to conduct research for work safety in the mining industry. Today it is an integral part of the Central Mining Institute. We present the most important research works carried out in its area.
    • If not a virus, then the sun (32)
      Too high doses of UV radiation have a negative effect on humans. They can contribute to the formation of neoplastic changes. So what should the employer remember to protect his employees from the harmful effects of sunlight?
  • Good practices
    • Safety culture at NEO Hospital (34)
      Work safety is one of the most important elements of the personnel policy conducted by NEO Hospital. Joanna Szyman, President of the Management Board of NEO Hospital, talks with Małgorzata Wołoch-Lach about the preparation of employees in terms of occupational health and safety at the hospital in Klinach.
  • Law
    • Accidents while working remotely (40)
      During the pandemic, remote work has become an everyday form of work for many employees. In addition to many benefits, it carries numerous risks that employers must face. What if an employee has an accident while working in the home office mode?
  • Special supplement - Safe work in the power industry
    • Lockout/Tagout - step by step (44)
      The article discusses the principles of the Lockout/Tagout system and LoTo security. This includes some basic definitions, relevant health and safety regulations and information resources, as well as steps to be taken when blocking.
    • Safety of the energy industry during a pandemic. Selected issues (48)
      In Poland, all enterprises related to the energy sector - due to their significant social responsibility - were among the first to take appropriate measures in the fight against COVID-19. In the article we present the activities of the Polish Energy Group during the pandemic.
    • Fatal accident when connecting a PV system (52)
      In June 2020, a 30-year-old electrical fitter died while connecting the photovoltaic installation. The accident happened in the vicinity of Olsztyn. According to the findings of the National Labor Inspectorate's inspector, the main cause was the victim's arbitrary opening of the switchgear door with live components.
  • Events
    • Social campaign 2020 (56)
      Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute in this year announced a social campaign called "Active at work" dedicated to promoting physical activity of working people.
    • September full of "safe" knowledge for maintenance specialists (58)
      This autumn is an inspiring and demanding period for the manufacturing industry. Despite difficult times, the Technical Conferences in Gdynia, Kraków, Białystok and Poznań are already behind us. Time for new events and completely new locations. Where will Axon Media events take place this time?

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