Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2021/01-02

The main subject of the first issue of the "Health and Safety Promoter" is protective measures for the transport of dangerous goods. In the new edition, you can also read about: occupational risk assessment in the production of washing chemicals, the impact of sleep disorders and deficiency on work efficiency, remote work of an employee in quarantine, safety in the construction of silos. Moreover, the issue was enriched with a catalog edition.

  • The subject of the issue
    • Equipment and protective measures for the transport of dangerous goods (8)
      The transport of dangerous goods should be prepared in accordance with the provisions contained in the ADR Agreement. We present what firefighting equipment and general and individual protection equipment should be in a transport unit during the transport of this type of goods.
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment in the production of cleaning chemicals (13)
      Why are the causes of so many accidents at work disregarding the applicable rules and inappropriate behavior of the employee? In the article we discuss an accident in a production hall, in which an employee suffered facial burns. Could it have been avoided?
  • Work safety
    • Impact of sleep disorders and deficiency on work efficiency and occupational risk (18)
      Fatigue and inadequate sleep can be a problem for most workers. Research shows that 13% of workplace injuries can be attributed to fatigue. What are the first symptoms of a sleep deficiency? How can this affect the efficiency of our work and occupational risk?
    • National Labor Inspectorate's inspections in 2021 (23)
      In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, labor inspectors will check compliance with new legal solutions introduced by the provisions of the Anti-Crisis Shields. So what will the inspections of the National Labor Inspectorate look like in 2021? This year, 52 thousand of them are planned.
    • Safety in the construction of silos (24)
      Ensuring safety when building a silo requires a lot of actions and analyzes, as well as the involvement of all employees and taking appropriate steps by the employer. How to avoid a severe or fatal accident when building a silo?
  • Personal protection
    • Reflective materials for the protection of persons. Origin, use, safety (28)
      It's hard to believe that the history of the creation of reflective materials is over 80 years old. The first work on reflective materials began in the 1930s. How it all started.
  • Good practices
    • Safety at the construction site. Good health and safety practices in DIM Construction (32)
      What is the safety culture for the construction company DIM Construction? This question is answered by Paweł Grünberg , Vice President of the Management Board of DIM Construction, in an interview with Małgorzata Wołoch-Lach.
  • Crash analysis
    • Accidents while handling a transporter (37)
      Last year, two work accidents occurred in a furniture factory, resulting in serious arm and leg injuries to workers. According to the inspector of the National Labor Inspectorate, the cause of the accidents was primarily the disregard of the threat by the injured.
  • Law
    • Remote work of a quarantined employee (44)
      Remote work in a quarantine is a topic that bothers both employers and employees. Can I work during quarantine? What remuneration or benefit is the employee entitled to?
  • Aspects of the work of a forensic expert
    • Court action for compensation for injury caused by a fall in a farm (46)
      Agriculture, especially individual agriculture, has a high accident rate. Therefore, each farmer should have a civil liability insurance policy and insurance for agricultural buildings. When can you apply for compensation?
  • Psychology
    • Mobbing in the enterprise. Its causes, occurrence and prevention - part II (53)
      In the second part of the article on mobbing in a company, we discuss its course as well as individual, organizational and social consequences. We also advise on how to prevent mobbing in the organization.
  • Events
    • New products in free conferences for the manufacturing sector (58)
      Fortunately, 2020 is behind us and we look to the near future with hope. We are sure that 2021 will bring new opportunities and will eliminate lethargy and freezing the economy once and for all.
  • Product presentations for 2021
  • Hearing protection / rescue and first aid
  • Measurements and detection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Upper limb protection
  • Lower limb protection
  • Protective and work clothing
  • Devices
  • Protection against falling from a height
  • Safe and other tools
  • Training, certification, services

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