Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2021/10

  • The subject of the issue
    • Occupational risk assessment of a prefabricated worker (8)
      Prefabricated products are usually ready-made building elements that are combined with other elements to obtain a whole. In the discussed case, a precast concrete element with reinforcement is produced. What threats may an employee face?
  • Risk assessment
    • Safety against hazards in metal production and processing (16)
      Each work is associated with the occurrence of various hazards. One such area is metalworking. The employer must constantly monitor the risk, and a thorough risk assessment is essential for this.
  • Work safety
    • Safety in potentially explosive atmospheres (24)
      The word ATEX comes from French and is an acronym for Atmospheres Explosibles, or explosive atmosphere. We present a systemic approach to ensuring explosion safety and the differences between ATEX 2014/34/EC and ATEX 1999/92/EC.
    • Safety of the welding robot operation (30)
      Technological development has contributed to the partial replacement of the welder with a robot. What conditions must a person applying for the position of a welding robot operator meet? What kind of dangers may he face in his daily work?
  • Personal protection
    • Winter workwear. Which insulating fleece to choose? (34)
      The use of a good insulating non-woven fabric guarantees comfort and a sense of warmth to employees in the autumn and winter period. Thinsulate non-woven fabric is a well-known solution on the market, which keeps the user dry and warm, regardless of physical activity and work.
  • Good practice
    • Innogy Stoen Operator's health and safety policy (36)
  • Crash analysis
    • Serious accident in the production of prestressed concrete elements (40)
      A few years ago, a serious accident occurred at a production plant, as a result of which a 43-year-old worker lost his right leg and seriously injured his spine. The establishment tolerated workers performing tension release operations in a manner inconsistent with the stress relief instructions.
  • The voice of the industry
    • The beginnings of the OHS service in the Republic of Poland (46)
      What were the beginnings of the OHS service in the Republic of Poland? The article presents a historical outline and the profiles of the most important security pioneers.
  • Aspects of the work of a forensic expert
    • Employee carelessness when unloading steel sheaves as a cause of a serious accident at work (52)
      Reloading works with the use of transport equipment may have a high accident potential if they are improperly organized and employees participating in them (e.g. operators, hook workers) are not aware of the dangers and informed about these dangers.
  • Psychology
    • Remote work. Advantages and disadvantages - part II (60)
      The second part of the article on remote work examines the challenges faced by employees and entrepreneurs as a result of the change in work patterns caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Practical tools
    • Interview. Five common mistakes when recruiting (64)
      What not to do during a job interview? In this article, we look at the recruitment interview through the eyes of a recruiter and present five common mistakes made when applying for a new job.
  • Events (66)

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