Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2022/04-05

  • Chemical-related hand protection (8)
  • The subject of the issue
    • Work at height and occupational health and safety obligations (10)
      Work at height is particularly dangerous. What protection measures should be used when performing this type of work and how to prevent accidents at height?
  • Work safety
    • Stop the silent and cunning killer at the construction site (20)
      Dust is one of the threats that occurs, among others, in on construction sites and in industrial plants. Often, its harmful impact on the health and life of employees is overlooked or underestimated. What to do to reduce dust during work?
    • Know-how always by your side (26)
    • How to inform about occupational risk? (28)
      Information on occupational risks should be prepared in accordance with legal requirements. How to prepare the scope of information with which the employee should be familiarized after the completed risk assessment process?
    • Occupational diseases (34)
      An occupational disease must be included in the list of occupational diseases. It was caused by harmful factors in the workplace. How to proceed in the event of its occurrence?
    • Preventive vaccinations recommended for employees (40)
      Preventive vaccinations are one element of the fight against infectious diseases. The article presents : what types of vaccines are distinguished, and what legal grounds are related to vaccination of employees.
    • NDT tests used in the assessment of the technical condition of UTB load-bearing structures (50)
      How to properly assess the technical condition of a device? The article presents the types of non-destructive testing that are used in the assessment of load-bearing structures of handling devices.
    • Protecting workers in summer - why pay special attention to UV protection? (61)
  • Women in occupational health and safety
    • Adventure with health and safety (62)
      Interview with Aleksandra Delijewska, OSH specialist. the trainings she conducts are highly appreciated by the participants.
  • Personal protection
    • Cut protection gloves (64)
      Protective gloves are one of the basic types of personal protective equipment. Cut protection gloves are designed to protect the employee's hands from mechanical injuries.
    • Vokkero Guardian - full duplex group communication system (71)
  • Crash analysis
    • Collective poisoning in a waste treatment plant (72)
      The analysis presented in the article concerns a collective accident at work which occurred in a waste treatment plant. Three workers died from hydrogen sulfide poisoning. What were the causes of the accident?
  • Ergonomics
    • Ergonomics in the workplace of a warehouse worker (80)
      A warehouse worker performs manual work, and his workplace is characterized by high static and dynamic loads. What should the work of a warehouse keeper look like to make it as ergonomic as possible?
  • Fire protection
    • On fat fires and more (86)
      Food fat fires are one of the common types of fires. How to effectively and safely extinguish a fire?
    • Examples of fire protection in educational institutions - part II (91)
      The second part of the article presents the principle of operation of smoke vents installed in the Municipal Kindergarten No. 4 in Lubartów.
  • Psychology
    • Impact of dance on people of working age in terms of counteracting burnout and professional absenteeism (94)
      Dance is one of the healthiest forms of spending free time. In the context of fighting stress, it allows you to discharge negative energy and alleviate symptoms of depression in a controlled way.
  • Events (98)

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