Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2022/06

  • The subject of the issue
    • Occupational health and safety in an industrial plant (6)
      Safe work in an industrial plant involves the adaptation of buildings and plant infrastructure to the legal requirements. What should you pay special attention to in this regard?
  • Risk assessment
    • Assessment of the contractor's occupational risk in the production of meat products (10)
      Work in the production of meat products is associated with various hazards in the workplace. The employee uses, among others from industrial machinery that should be properly used.
  • Work safety
    • Annual health and safety analysis (16)
      What is the annual health and safety analysis? The article presents what it should contain and how to prepare it properly.
    • Volumetric and surface non-destructive testing methods used in the assessment of the technical condition of UTB load-bearing structures (24)
      Tests performed when the device has reached its service life are one of the important steps in the process of assessing the technical condition of the device. This process can include the entire device as well as its individual components which reach their resources at different time intervals. One of the elements of a technical device that can reach its service life is the load-carrying structure.
    • Emergency devices - safety showers and eyewash stations (34)
      Installation of emergency devices in workplaces is not only a good practice, but an obligation, supported by legal requirements.
  • Women in occupational health and safety
    • We should be firm and confident (40)
  • Personal protection
    • Requirements for upper respiratory protection equipment and gloves in the mines of Polska Grupa Górnicza (42)
      What personal protection measures are used by employees of Polska Grupa Górnicza's mines? What are the requirements for personal protective equipment?
  • Ergonomics
    • Static loads in the workplace (48)
      Performing work is often associated with static loads. What are the methods of their evaluation?
  • Good practices
    • The psychological aspect of crisis management based on the experience of the pandemic (58)
      The COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine are examples of crisis situations that affect us all. What actions can we take to take care of our mental health?
  • Aspects of the work of a forensic expert
    • Work with an inefficient table saw as the cause of an accident on a farm (64)
      A construction circular saw is a dangerous machine and its operation requires special care. In the case at hand, the farm accident was influenced by several factors.

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