Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2022/07-08

  • The subject of the issue
    • Safety and health protection during work at heights in construction (6)
      The article presents the causes of accidents in construction, including accidents at heights, characterizes the legal requirements and executive regulations, and proposes stages and activities for the safe implementation of the construction work at heights.
  • Risk assessment
    • Assessment of the occupational risk of a plastic mill operator (16)
      The work of a plastic mill operator takes place in the production hall. In the discussed risk assessment, the work position presents some shortcomings. What are the dangers during work ?
  • Work safety
    • Subsequent stages of the assessment of the technical condition of UTB (24)
      The article is the next part of the series on handling equipment. It discusses the stages of the assessment of the technical condition of load-bearing structures.
  • Ergonomics
    • Computer aided assessment of static loads at the position of a car mechanic (34)
      The work of a mechanic is associated with the regular occurrence of static loads. In the discussed case, the results from the 3D SSPP program made it possible to assess the loads, and on their basis, to introduce solutions reducing the level of static loads during the work of a mechanic.
  • Crash analysis
    • Hand injuries in meat processing plants (40)
      Work in meat processing plants requires particular caution . In these cases, the workers ignored the risk and suffered upper limb injuries as a result.
  • The voice of the industry
    • Rank of the OSH worker profession is still too low (46)
      According to the report of the Safe at Work Coalition, despite the increased role of OSH services at workplaces, only 10% of employees and 8% of employers appreciate their work and health and safety more than before the pandemic. We talk to Marta Wojewnik , chairman of the Safe at Work Coalition, about the future of OHS and the challenges ahead .
  • Women in occupational health and safety
    • Women have more empathy (50)
      In the fifth interview in the "Women in OHS" series, Emilia Szalewicz, health and safety specialist at Eltwin talked about her duties and professional experience.
  • Personal protection
    • Protective measures in construction (52)
      Every fracture fatal accident at work occurs during construction work. What PPE should be used when working on a construction site to increase the safety of employees?
    • Working gloves and protective gloves (58)
      Gloves are basic personal protective equipment. What are the characteristics of work and protective gloves? When should you use them?
    • Gloves overview (62)

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