Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2022/10


  • Subject of the number
    • OHS requirements for welding works. Checklist (7)
      Welding works are among the most dangerous works. The article contains checklists related to health and safety requirements in terms of premises, equipment, materials used and work performed at the welder's position.
  • Risk assessment
    • Assessment and reduction of occupational risk at the grinder's position using the Risk Score method (16)
      The main task of the grinder operator is to process the internal and external surfaces of the element in order to obtain the required shape. What is the risk assessment using the Risk Score method for this position?
  • Work safety
    • Methods of research and measurement of harmful factors at workstations. Measuring Equipment Guidelines - Part II (24)
      The second part of the article presents the requirements for measuring equipment used during the examination of harmful and strenuous factors that occur at workstations.
    • Employees with disabilities. Special rights at work (30)
      Employees with a certified disability at the workplace are entitled to special rights. How long can they work and what additional exemptions are they entitled to?
    • Comfort and accuracy for precision welding - gloves like a second skin (37)
  • Women in OSH
    • We, OHS specialists, guard safety (38)
      Interview with Marta Zalesińska, health and safety specialist.
  • Accident analysis
    • Accident at work - what to do to prevent it from happening? fatal accident (40)
      The article discusses a fatal accident that occurred due to incorrect unloading. What could have been done to prevent this from happening?
    • Gravel pit fatal accident (44)
      Why did the fatal accident in the aggregates mine occur? The inspector of the National Labor Inspectorate determined that the victim himself contributed to the accident to a large extent.
    • Comfortable, indestructible shoes - what to consider when choosing protective footwear? (49)
      Employees complain about uncomfortable shoes? The soles do not provide enough cushioning? The upper does not guarantee adequate stability? Or maybe the construction of the shoe prevents comfortable walking? If at least one of the answers is yes, check what to look for when choosing protective footwear for heavy working conditions.
  • Aspects of the work of a court expert
    • Above-average manual transport causes spinal injury? (50)
      Manual handling can cause all sorts of injuries. Has the employee suffered a back injury in this case as a result of carrying heavy elements?
  • Law
    • Mandate contract and health and safety obligations (58)
      Performing work on the basis of a civil law contract does not release the employer from responsibility for the state of occupational health and safety at the workplace. Within the scope of this responsibility, the employer is obliged, among others, to: take action to prevent accidents at work.
  • Psychology
    • Do we need fatigue? Part II (62)
      In the second part of the article, you will learn how a certain work rhythm affects employee fatigue, how to know your biological clock and what to do in the event of fatigue.

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