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    • Occupational hazard for the operator of metal cutting machines (6)
      What are the sources of occupational hazards in the position of an operator of metalworking machines.
      What the workplace should look like when performing machining.
      What to pay attention to in order to work as a machine operator in accordance with applicable regulations.
    • UV protective clothing (20)
      With the approaching spring and summer season, the subject of excessive exposure to natural ultraviolet radiation and its effects, which include erythema and burns, returns. Systematic exposure of the skin to such radiation can cause photoaging and the formation of precancerous and neoplastic lesions, including skin melanoma. Due to the fact that sunny days are getting closer, it is worth being prepared for them today - choosing the right and proven protective clothing.
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment when cleaning metal surfaces with the abrasive blasting method (22)
      Work during metal surface treatment with the abrasive blasting method is associated with risks related to, among others, with working with machines and dust formation. What is the occupational risk assessment for this position?
    • Practical tips on how to prepare for occupational risk assessment (30)
      How to properly prepare an occupational risk assessment for a specific workplace? Guidelines are provided to be taken into account.
  • Work safety
    • Transportation of dangerous goods in the transport chain (36)
      What legal acts apply to the transport of dangerous goods.
      What to pay attention to when transporting dangerous goods by sea or air.
      What information should be included in the transport document and accompanying documentation when transporting dangerous goods.
    • High and lower risk bets. Seveso III Directive (41)
      The current Seveso III Directive makes it possible to increase the level of protection against accidents in the sector of plants using dangerous substances.
    • Directional sound sources and microphones in the work environment (48)
      Explanation of the directional characteristics and discussion of the use of loudspeaker and microphone arrays in the working environment. These are important issues in the area of controlling exposure to noise in the working environment.
  • Women in OSH
    • Each day brings new opportunities and new challenges (54)
    • Remote job security works better (57)
  • Accident analysis
    • Metal shavings cause an accident at work (58)
  • Law
    • The employer will check the sobriety of employees (62)
  • Psychology
    • Assertiveness. How to work it out and develop it? Vol. II (66)
  • Events. (70)

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