Przegląd Pożarniczy (Fire Review) 2020/01

  • Rescue and civil protection
    • Death in the hospice (6)
      The tragic fire in the hospice in Chojnice will long be remembered by the inhabitants of this peaceful city. On the night of January 5-6, the weakest, the sick, aware of the danger, but unable to escape, suffered.
  • Hazard recognition
    • Evacuation of people with disabilities (10)
      The tragic fire in Chojnice shows the importance of efficient and fast evacuation of people who are unable to move independently. What is the issue of adapting buildings in this area in Poland and abroad?
    • Belts between floors (14)
      Inter-storey belts perform an important function of passive fire protection of the building. What technical and construction requirements apply to them?
  • Training
    • About KDR in legal acts (17)
      The issue of managing rescue operations is regulated in several separate legal acts - laws and ordinances.
  • In the heat of questions
    • Global rescue brand (20)
      Professional medical service is the quintessence of the daily activities of the Scout Volunteer Emergency Service. The medical trial of the highest quality was the medical provision of the World Youth Day in Krakow and Panama - it was passed without complaint.
  • Volunteer matters
    • St. Passion Kingi (23)
    • Holiday adventure (26)
      How to organize attractive, developmental recreation for children and teenagers in a fire-fighting spirit? A clue could be a fire camp under the slogan "For Mr. Brother with first aid", organized in Niesulice in 2019.
  • From abroad
    • Winter Cherry Fire (28)
  • Technique
    • Fireman's best friend (part 2) (32)
      Multifunctional crowbars are rescue tools used all over the world. What are the possibilities of their use?
    • Meeting with a hybrid (part 1) (36)
      Is the behavior of rescuers with hybrid and electric cars and knowledge of the risks associated with them as natural as the number of such vehicles on our roads is already natural?
  • Law in service
    • GDPR in PSP (part 2) (39)
      The article is a continuation of the text published in the issue 12/2019 of the "Fire Review" - it presents the way of conducting scientific research in the field of personal data protection at the State Fire Service.
    • Legal title to the place (42)
      The concept of legal title is not a legal language but a legal language, or jargon, in which lawyers speak. So how should we know when we are dealing with a legal title, what is its power and who defines it?
  • People
    • Fireman's Merit Cross (43)
  • Media
    • Social media on PSP (44)
  • History and traditions
    • History of firefighting in Japan (47)
    • Troetzer mark (50)
  • Test your knowledge
    • Crossword (54)
  • Permanent positions
    • Events overview (4)
    • Service and faith (51)
    • Review of foreign press www.poz@arnictwo (53)
    • Worth reading (53)
    • Guard on stamps (53)

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