• From abroad
    • Cataclysm on Antipodes (12)
      The deaths of thirty-three people, the destruction of thousands of homes and the burning of nearly 20 million hectares of land - such devastation has been spreading in recent months in the land of kangaroos and koalas.
    • Burned Australia? (16)
    • Fire wings of Russia (20)
      Russia has huge potential and has huge natural resources and energy sources. Economically, it ranks sixth in the world. Everything about her is great, fires too.
  • Rescue and civil protection
    • Air transport SGPR (23)
      One of the criteria for the operational readiness of rescue groups is the ability to quickly transport to the affected area. This can be provided by air transport.
    • Test for instructors (26)
      On January 7-10, 2020, the altitude rescue instructors of the national rescue and firefighting system took place.
    • A helmet not for every occasion (28)
      Personal protective equipment is to guarantee firefighter safety. However, blindly adhering to the principle of their full use from the beginning to the end of activities is pointless and negatively affects the ergonomics and efficiency of work of rescuers.
  • Hazard recognition
    • Auschwitz-Birkenau - 75 years after liberation (30)
  • In the heat of questions
    • It `s worth to help! (34)
      Can there be something more beautiful in a person than a selfless desire to help another person? The Solidarity Foundation is not afraid of such challenges.
  • Volunteer matters
    • Firemen among laces (36)
    • A day in the life of a fireman (38)
  • Technique
    • Fireman's best friend (part 3) (40)
      The history of hooligans does not end there. Many of them are still being improved, not only by producers but also by firemen themselves.
    • Meeting with a hybrid (part 2) (42)
      Deactivation is the same for hybrid and electric cars. How to carry it out step by step?
  • Law in service
    • Question to the expert - payment of funeral grant (46)
  • Test your knowledge
    • Crossword (48)
  • History and traditions
    • Burning Art (50)
    • Permanent positions
    • Events overview (6)
    • Service and faith (51)
    • Review of foreign press (52)
    • www.poz@arnictwo (54)
    • Worth reading (54)
    • Guard on stamps (54)

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