Przegląd Pożarniczy (Fire Review) 2020/04

  • Overview of events
    • Timeline of the Coronavirus Outbreak (4)
  • Rescue and civil protection
    • Monument in flames (10)
      41 hours - this was the time of extinguishing a fire in a multi-family house that broke out in Kochcice in the Silesian Province. There were 27 people in the fire when the fire started. Except for one, all survivors.
    • Emergency burying of the dead (12)
      What is the legal status and procedures of mass burial of victims of a sudden catastrophe - a natural disaster or a terrorist attack in Poland? What changes should be made?
      Identifying threats
    • Evacuation standards in Poland (14)
      The differences in the approach to evacuation issues between Poland and the anti-Glossian countries are enormous. What characterizes the Polish model?
    • Supreme Audit Office on inspections in the State Forests (18)
      The Supreme Audit Office decided to take a look at the managers of the State Forests and the State Fire Service supervising their activities. It turned out as usual, which is very detailed.
    • On the prevention of industrial failures (20)
      On March 10 this year, a conference led by specialists for specialists was held: on professional prevention of serious industrial failures.
    • Airplane fires (22)
      Airplanes burning after crashing were common during the war, now they are less common. How does this type of fire occur and what are its characteristics?
  • Abroad
    • Drama in Daegu (25)
      The technological boom at the turn of the century contributed to the emergence of the Asian tigers, i.e. a group of countries from Asia whose economy, based on modern technologies, was the leader in global development statistics. And it was in one such country that technology failed, which became one of the causes of the enormous number of victims.
  • Volunteer Affairs
    • Workshops for friends (28)
      "Mieszkaniówka 2020" is the code name of the training organized on March 7-8 by officers from the District Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Międzychód. It mainly concerned extinguishing internal fires. It was attended by members of volunteer fire brigades included in the national rescue and firefighting system and colleagues from the Volunteer Fire Department in Międzychód.
  • Training
    • Tame fire systems (30)
      In general, firefighters have very limited opportunities to familiarize themselves with the fire fighting equipment installed in a building. In the near term, this will change not only in theory but also in practice.
    • Learning about risk prevention (part 1) (33)
      The e-learning platform can teach us how to carry out activities in the field of prevention and social inclusion. The most important thing is that we can do it without leaving home.
  • Law in service
    • Practically about complaints (part 2) (36)
      There are two main conditions for making a complaint. First, it is submitted to the authority competent to deal with it. Secondly, it is submitted in connection with the tasks commissioned by the body in the field of public administration (Article 63 of the Constitution).
  • Variety
    • Admire and paint! (40)
  • People
    • Underwater passion (42)
      Scuba diving is not an easy discipline, but it is a lot of fun. Thanks to it, you can also serve others as an officer of the State Fire Service in a specialist group. The article presents how to become a firefighter-scuba diver.
  • History and traditions
    • Fire department at the death factory (44)
    • From air, hunger, fire and war ... (46)
  • Test your knowledge
    • Crossword (54)
  • Fixed items
    • Service and faith (49)
    • Press review (52)
    • www.poz@rnictwo (53)
    • Worth reading (53)
    • Guard on stamps (53)

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