Serwis Prawno-Pracowniczy (Legal and Work Service) 2022/01

  • The subject of the month
    • The most important changes to the labor law and social insurance in 2022 - a review (10)
      From January 1, 2022, many changes in the HR and payroll regulations apply. Most of them were introduced by the so-called Polish order Changes in the field of settlement of remuneration and new rules for determining the right to sickness benefits are only the most important of them.
  • Labor law
    • Controlling working time of teleworkers and employees providing remote work (17)
      Both in the case of remote work and teleworking, the employee may confirm presence at work in a manner agreed with the employer - e.g. by e-mail or by logging into the IT system. Issues related to the method of monitoring the employee's use of working time may be specified by the employer in the regulations on remote work. In the case of a teleworker, the parties may specify the manner and form of work performance control in a separate agreement.
  • Salaries
    • Remuneration regulations - how an employer can resign from them (25)
      The remuneration regulations are established by the employer. The employer may also revoke it on his own if the trade union organization does not work for him. If the employer has one trade union organization, he must obtain its consent to repeal the regulations. If the employer has more than one trade union organization, then he must take into account the common position of trade unions on the repeal of the remuneration regulations.

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