• Theme of the month
    • Remote work and employee sobriety checks - the latest changes to the Labor Code (11)
      Remote work has been permanently introduced into the Labor Code. As a rule, it will be performed after agreement between the employer and the employee. In some situations, however, the employer will be able to instruct the employee to perform such work. Employers have also been able to preventive sobriety checks of employees.
  • Labor law
    • Obligations of the employer towards the employee reinstated to work (18)
      The employer is obliged to employ the employee reinstated to work by a court judgment in the same position as the one previously occupied by him, providing him with the opportunity to perform the same work that he performed before the dismissal.
  • Salaries
    • Higher refunds for using private vehicles for business purposes - settlement rules after the change of regulations (26)
      From January 17, 2023, higher amounts of lump sums and mileage due for the use of private vehicles for the performance of business tasks apply. An employee can count on a refund of PLN 1.15 for driving 1 kilometer in his car with a cylinder capacity of more than 900 cm3, and in the case of a car with a lower capacity of PLN 1.15. the amount due is PLN 0.89.

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