Służby Utrzymania Ruchu (Maintenance Service) 2018/05

  • Topic of the issue: Hydraulics and pneumatics
    • Acceleration or optimization? That is the question! (6)
      The question put in the title should be the starting point to consider the problem faced or stood by any maintenance manager or anyone else responsible for the technical side of the production process. In any - small or large - plant.
    • The use of aluminum wires in compressed air installations (10)
      Compressed air installations can be based on aluminum cables. In this respect, a wide range of quick couplers and assembly accessories is also offered. At least a few advantages have aluminum pneumatic systems.
    • Clean benefits, or how to clean hydraulic systems in machines? (14)
      You do not need to convince anyone to change oils and clean hydraulic systems. The efficiency and lifespan of the devices depend largely on the correctness of this procedure. It should remove any impurities in both the internal and external surfaces of the system. Despite how important this process is, there is probably no area associated with hydraulic and lubrication systems with larger discrepancies between theory and practice.
  • Concepts
    • Industrial Project Management - what is it? (18)
      The Industrial Project Management methodology is a set of best practices, practical documents and tools developed for use in industrial project management processes. It introduces the standardization of all activities carried out during the collection of project initiatives and the process of their analysis, and indicates specific activities to be carried out throughout the project management process.
    • A good engineer is humbly approaching learning the basics - an interview with Tomasz Branicki, technical director at Grupa LOTOS SA (22)
    • Kanban system not only for the automotive industry! (26)
      When implementing various Lean Manufacturing tools, one often hears: At our place this will not work, because we are not Automotive. This is very restrictive thinking, because good practices in managing manufacturing processes operate independently of the product we produce. We choose what can be useful to us. Nowhere is it necessary to implement everything Toyota has invented, and now WCM. Each company should find its way of implementation and the way the so-called good practices in the area of Lean Manufacturing.
  • Prevention
    • Visualization of OHS instructions in the UR department (30)
    • Security is not a matter of chance, but the result of actions: support systems for intralogistics (34)
      The Central Statistical Office published preliminary data on accidents at work in the first quarter of 2018. The results are not satisfactory, and certainly not for the transport industry.
    • Safe enterprise - what safety measures should be implemented in production (36)
      Most of us, overstaying the workplace, do not wonder if he will come back from work, and if so, whether he is whole and healthy. This indicates either a safe work environment or a low awareness of hazards.
  • Exploitation
    • Types of drives used in industry - find the right one for yourself! (44)
      The drive is considered to be a set of devices that are responsible for putting the mechanism into motion. In industrial applications, the most common are electric, power electronics, hydraulic and pneumatic drives. It's worth taking a closer look at them.
  • Technologies
    • Case study: Application of the AHP method to the selection of the product identification system (50)
      Enterprises, when making decisions concerning eg implementing new technological solutions, may use single-criterion methods, looking for a solution that best meets one selected criterion (eg cost). They may also adopt a more realistic assumption, assuming that there are many criteria to be taken into account when making decisions, and decide to apply multi-criteria methods in which the final solution is a compromise between the adopted criteria.
    • The most important technological trend of the year (56)
      The basis of Industry 4.0 is advanced digitalization and the use of the learner's software. It is no wonder that artificial intelligence and associated machine learning are also widely used in industry. How can this strategic trend determine the further directions of its development?
    • Case study: The use of Tsubaki chains at British American Tabacco (60)
  • Object and media
    • A hall to measure, or how to find the perfect production surface? (64)
      Construction of a new hall or rental ready? This question has been asked for years by managers planning to develop or start production in an enterprise. The dynamic development of the industrial real estate market means that new opportunities and locations continue to appear in Poland. However, each solution has its undeniable advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the selection of an ideal production area is primarily a matter of thorough analysis of the company's needs and priorities.
  • Production Academy
    • Vision systems in practice (68)
      Sight is the unparalleled sense. The range of the field of view, the range of colors, the depth, the differentiation of light - it is something that characterizes human sight and distinguishes it from even the highest generation of vision systems. On the news of automation, employees often adjust themselves negatively. They are afraid of losing their job, limiting the scope of their work, lower earnings. Vision systems, however, do not mean the end of human involvement in production. They are just another step towards widespread rebirth, a great chance on the road to optimal production.
    • Self-propelled AGV transport trucks on production (70)
      Modern production facilities must meet the requirements related to the rapid and reliable flow of materials, semi-finished products, ready-made elements or other consumer goods as part of inter-enterprise transport.
  • People management
    • Engineers, technicians - "I take twenty-forty"! (74)
    • How to build, lead and develop employees of technical departments? (76)
      "Team" is a slogan that we often meet in the context of production plants. Then we wonder what it means for my interlocutor and what a team of technical employees is in fact.
  • From the industry (80)
  • Events (84)

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