Służby Utrzymania Ruchu (SUR) (Maintenance Service) 2021/04 (07-08)

  • Subject of the issue: Energy
    • Enterprise Energy Audits - how to prepare? (6)
      According to the amended Act of April 20, 2021, amending the Energy Efficiency Act and certain other acts, on September 30, 2021, the PS period intended for the performance of the company's audit provided for by this Act ends . This obligation applies only to large enterprises within the meaning of this Act.
  • Report
    • The challenge of the future - feeding the world at the world level (14)
      The Infuture Institute recently published a disturbing report which shows that by 2050 the food industry will have to meet the nutritional needs of 9.7 billion people. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, on the other hand, estimates that agriculture must produce 50% more food, feed and fuel in the middle of this century than it did a few years ago. What are the challenges facing the food industry with these projections?
  • Industrial cleaning
    • To clean. What machine cleaning technology to use? (18)
      Narzędzuia hand, pressure washers, sandblasting, and can ultrasonic or dry ice? The choice of methods for cleaning machines and devices is very wide. Each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages that are worth paying attention to before deciding to clean individual surfaces.
  • Concepts
    • Six steps to improve Asset Management and Maintenance (22)
      When managing a large amount of technical assets, building and media infrastructure and the related assets of the organization, it is necessary to build an appropriate system that will allow not only good ongoing supervision over the functioning of the property and its safety, but also will allow you to earn money effectively.
  • Technologies
    • Industry 4.0 - follow the path of digital transformation and prevent accidents (26)
      Solutions allow artificial intelligence to achieve long-term financial benefits by minimizing the maintenance costs of technical, production and maximizing the productivity of industrial installations. However, are we aware of the path to follow in order to make the best use of the opportunities offered by the development of modern technologies?
  • Exploitation
    • Vademecum of power hydraulics. Feel 6.4 - elements converting the energy of oil under pressure to work (28)
      The article focuses on double-acting cylinders, paying attention to their characteristics and application. You get the impression that the topic is so familiar and simple that there is nothing to think about here. However, there are a few details that may broaden the perception of these elements.
    • Optimizing the operating costs of modern production halls (34)
      A production hall is a place where appropriate conditions must be maintained. The large-scale nature of such a facility and the methods of its heating often do not favor energy efficiency.
  • Automation and Robotics
    • Cost-effectiveness of cobots with low series production (38)
      Undoubtedly, the collaborative robot market will grow rapidly in the next few years, and the most important determinants of contractor selection will be price, safety, flexibility and ease of programming.
    • Risk assessment of machines and robots - how to do it correctly? (42)
      As part of the SUR journal, the topic of risk assessment was discussed many times, mainly in the context of minimizing it in a given workplace (occupational risk). In this issue, however, the author focused on the correctness of the risk assessment for machines, robots and production lines.
  • Object and media
    • The use of modern vision systems in the production plant (48)
      The appearance of automatic vision systems on the market has brought industrial plants new tools used mainly for quality monitoring and detection of defects in manufactured objects. These types of solutions are successfully used in all branches of industry. Where can we make full use of vision systems and what other tasks can be performed with them? We will try to answer these questions in this article.
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