• Subject of the number
    • Diagnostics of hydraulic systems (6)
      Only efficient hydraulic systems will ensure the continuity of operation of industrial machines. That is why issues related to the diagnosis of hydraulic systems are so important. Due to the improvement of efficiency and energy savings, measures aimed at optimizing the system are also important.
    • How to guarantee clean compressed air? (10)
      Compressed air is essential for the operation of a pneumatic compressor or compressor, which are used in many industries. If the operation of the compressor or compressor does not give satisfactory results, it may be a sign that the compressed air has been contaminated.
  • Report
    • What IT solutions to use in industry? (12)
      IT systems in industry facilitate the quick acquisition and analysis of data from production lines. The most popular IT implementations include ERP class solutions and business analytics - BI/Business Intelligence. There was also a tendency to replace multi-module solutions from different suppliers with comprehensive solutions that allow for almost unlimited interaction and synchronization between different areas in the enterprise.
  • Concepts
    • Real-time oil monitoring: selected oil properties (14)
      Improving the efficiency of maintenance is possible thanks to the intensification of the use of previously known techniques or the use of newer ones that appeared along with Industry 4.0. This progress also applies to oil management, both in terms of the standards used to assess the condition of the oil and the techniques used for this purpose. Better and better laboratory testing equipment is available, and significant progress is being made towards developing new and improving existing techniques to monitor oil properties in real time.
  • Prevention
    • Untapped potential of data analytics (22)
      Rudyard Kipling once said that words are mankind's most powerful weapon. But what are words in today's turbulent world. These are often interpretations, comments, facts, data. Looking at the amount of news programs, social media, video channels or various content that hit us - it is simply overwhelming.
    • Lubrication management as an indispensable element of maintenance (24)
      Manufacturers of industrial plants are facing new challenges related to the increasing market requirements for products, greater competitiveness, and above all, an increase in production costs (caused by an increase in the prices of raw materials and energy). Wear and tear of machinery and equipment components is a serious technical and operational problem, which translates into additional economic losses.
  • Exploitation
    • Scrum Manufacturing (28)
      The more complicated the production process, the more it requires a systematized approach. In search of methods supporting production processes, it is worth looking beyond this area, because valuable solutions can be found in industries that are seemingly different from production. This is exactly what the IT industry has done, adapting Lean Management, i.e. lean management for the needs of software production. The resulting concept was called Lean Development and its basis is the elimination of waste.
  • Oils
    • POWER SERVICE – specialized oil service (33)
      ORLEN OIL was the only one of the first companies in the oil industry on the Polish market to introduce a comprehensive offer of maintenance services for industrial enterprises using lubricants in production processes. Today, our specialist service sets standards and responds to customer needs.
  • Technologies
    • The most important types of robots used in industry (36)
      The robot as we know it from SF movies usually has a humanoid form, speaks in a metallic voice and imitates a human in everything. Perhaps because this is how the master Leonardo da Vinci saw it in 1495. However, the industry took what it needed from this vision - for example, the arm itself with grippers ("fingers"), which is so often seen in production plants.
  • Drives
    • Energy efficiency - the answer to current problems in industry (39)
      Price is no longer the only purchase criterion when making investment decisions. More and more emphasis is placed on accompanying costs, especially electricity consumption, but also all other costs. In the case of drives, an essential element of every factory, 85% of their life cycle costs are due to operation. These include energy costs, administrative costs, service and maintenance costs, operating costs, training and documentation costs, personnel costs, spare parts stocks as well as breakdowns and downtimes, but also recycling and disposal costs. Careful consideration of all economic aspects is therefore very cost-effective in terms of reducing costs and increasing production efficiency.
  • Special Bonus: Warehouse Management
    • Accident-free logistics (42)
      Each industrial branch in Poland, apart from the fact that it aims to achieve its goals and deliver products to customers, must organize work in such a way that it is safe and hygienic for employees.
    • EMT-Systems Engineering Training Center with the Marka-Śląskie Award (47)
      More than 5,000 people from the industrial sector have already taken part in EMT-Systems technical courses this year alone, and the company is involved not only in training activities and educational projects for children and adults, but also in cultural and charity projects.
  • People management
    • Manager as a coach - supporting the development of competences (50)
      In a world where the only thing we can be sure of is change, competence development has become a priority for both individuals and organizations. It is not only the basis for success, but above all for survival on the market. Along with the changing and increasingly complex business environment, the role of managers is also evolving.
    • Effective employee development plan (54)

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