• V edition of the Technical Safety Leader ranking (4)
    The main goal of the ranking of the Office of Technical Inspection is to promote activities for the safety of technical devices. The competition distinguishes companies and institutions that show particular care for the safety of equipment operation, environment and human safety in the area related to devices and technical systems. The ranking aims to honor the everyday efforts of institutions and enterprises that are distinguished by the highest level of technical security nationwide and are an example to follow for others.
  • KGHM Polska Miedź - copper market leader, security leader (7)
  • Polimex-Mostostal Technical Safety Leader (8)
  • Material Testing Laboratory Bełchatów Power Engineering Technical Safety Leader (9)
  • Transition Technologies - Polish IT leader (10)
  • Science, technology, industry. UDT conference - relation (11)
    On May 30, the 6th Conference of the Technical Supervision Office "Science, technology, industry - technologies for public safety" took place. The conference was held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology.
  • Positive assessment of the Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection issued by PCA (15)
    The team of auditors at the Polish Center for Accreditation carried out an assessment in the process of supervision at the Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection. As a result of the audit, the scope of accreditation of the testing laboratory No. AB 001 was extended. The Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection is currently the only research laboratory in Poland with accreditation in the field of conducting tests using the acoustic emission method.
  • Innovative engineering organization - UDT strategic project (17)
    The development of an innovative engineering organization is one of the six strategic goals set by the Office of Technical Inspection, implemented in the project formula not from 2017. As a result of the analysis of the degree of implementation of the Office of Technical Supervision strategy carried out at the turn of 2018 and 2019, the steering committee decided to update the scope and the composition of the strategic project PS002. The new scope of the project will concern two operational tasks, to which seven sub-tasks have been classified.
  • We work for the best ... now with the eUDT portal (19)
    Interview with the owners of the family company PTU Konserwator Kwaśny Bogusław.
  • Safe operation of gantries (22)
    Overhead cranes are lifting devices with a large variety of technical parameters regarding the lifting capacity. Spans of the bridge, control, etc. They are an invaluable help in moving loads inside industrial halls, warehouses, material storage areas and are used for loading, for example, for means of transport.
  • Requirements for pressure equipment in refrigeration installations (Part 1) (27)
    Refrigeration systems are a set of interconnected components, most of which are pressure devices subject to, at the stage of operation, technical supervision, filled with a refrigerant. Forming one closed circuit in which the refrigerant circulates in order to absorb and release heat.
  • Risk control as the basis for optimizing inspections (30)
    The innovative form of inspection can contribute to greater availability of working installations and positively influence the integrity and functionality of technical devices. Thus, it responds to users' expectations, supporting their development, while affecting safety management.
  • Basic principles for the design of industrial pipelines according to PN-EN 13480 from 2017 (33)
    In this article we introduce the specificity of pipeline design principles pressurized and we encourage you to take part in the training organized by the Office of Technical Inspection entitled "Basic principles for the design of industrial pipelines according to PN-EN 13480 from 2017" The training is addressed not only to people starting activities related to the design or verification of project documentation but also those who already have some level of knowledge in this area . In this case, it will be an opportunity to refresh or consolidate knowledge and familiarize yourself with the changes in the PN-EN 13480 series of standards in relation to previous issues.
  • Reports and announcements (35)

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