W Akcji (In Action) 2019/01

In the new year, the first issue of the magazine was devoted, inter alia, to connectivity systems, rescue dog training, ice rescue, and fire-raising hydraulic lift. In addition, readers will certainly be interested in the article on altitude rescue and the report from the 16th Science and Training Conference of the "In Action" magazine. We also encourage you to read the catalog part of the current issue.

  • Ice rescue - How to "bite" the ice topic? (6)
    Rescue on frozen water reservoirs is a department of water rescue carried out at the basic level. Unfortunately, according to the authors of the article, tactics and rescue techniques for action on ice have not been fully developed.
  • Classification of causes of fires - part I (16)
    Determining the causes of fires are an extremely important element of fire protection. They are one of the forms of obtaining cognitive material, necessary to determine the correct prophylaxis in the field of fire prevention.
  • The possibilities of radiotelephony devices operating in the DMR standard (26)
    In the previous articles from the cycle about communication, the functionalities of radiotelephony devices are described. This article presents the functionality of devices operating in the DMR standard.
  • The smallest of the newest generation of firefighting hydraulic lift (32)
    Domestic manufacturer of fire lifters Fabryka Maszyn Bumar-Koszalin, belonging to the WISS Group, at the end of last year delivered to the State Fire Service units 12 pieces of medium fire lifts.
  • Pyrocar 2018 the largest rally of fire fighting vehicles in the Czech Republic (39)
    From 17 to 18 August 2018 at the Pribyslav airport there was the 5th Fire Service Rally, known as Pyrocar. Firefighters from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland received 352 fire trucks of various types and types.
  • Training rescue dogs. How to avoid big stress during exercise? (50)
    For training rescue dogs to be quick and effective, it is necessary to be able to adjust the level of stress to exercise. A well-trained dog in the field can replace the work of many people, and on the debris turn out to be faster and more effective than location devices.
  • SGRW in Radzionków. Hazard factors and the way firefighters work (56)
    High altitude rescue is a specialization that conducts its activities in places and those that are difficult to access. The junior high school aspirant, Michał Konarski, talks about his service in the SSP Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit in Radzionków in an interview with Monika Lis.
  • SPAŁA 2018 - XVI Scientific and Training Conference of the "In Action" magazine (62)
    15-16 November 2018 at the INWEST Training and Recreation Center in Smar-dzewice near Spała, the 16th Science and Training Conference was held under the slogan "HAZMAT AND CBRNE". 18 lecturers shared their knowledge with us, and in total over 100 people participated in the event.
  • Exhibition at the Fire Brigade Museum in Fulda (66)
    At the Deutsches Feuerwehr Museum (German Fire Brigade Museum) in Fulda, an interesting temporary exhibition entitled "Air Defense in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1957-1968" was organized.
  • Catalog edition 2019

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