The main topic of the issue is fire gases.
The latest issue of the magazine, as usual, combines articles from various ranges. This time, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with rescue operations based on conventional and trunking technology, share analysis, transport of non-safe materials in limited quantities and new fire trucks.

  • Fire gases. Neutralization of hazard without exposure (8)
    This article describes the methodology of using ColdBut Systems AB, a Swedish COBRA piercing and cooling device.
  • Organization of communication. Rescue operations based on conventional and trunking technology (16)
    The literature data show that correct communication during rescue operations should not be difficult. However, the practice often indicates that it is a real challenge for the driver of the rescue operation.
  • DGT PTT Connect Polish communication system (24)
    What do you need to be able to talk about a complete communication system and what is the meaning of constructing a new system, since there are already ready-made systems tested in the market for years?
  • Chopin's panthery (26)
    We present two of the latest ARSP Panther 6x6 VO FLF 13000/1550/250 heavy-duty rescue and fire-fighting airport cars of the Austrian company Rosenbauer.
  • Medium rescue and firefighting vehicle (38)
    Moto-Truck introduced an average rescue and fire-fighting vehicle with an increased road rescue potential equipped with the CAFS system.
  • Factors influencing the organization of evacuation of people with coupled disabilities (40)
    A lot has been said about the problems associated with the evacuation of people with disabilities in the state of threat. However, you can ask yourself: how much do we really know about the special needs of people with disabilities?
  • Carriage of hazardous materials in limited quantities (50)
    What does it mean to transport hazardous materials in small quantities - called limited and excluded quantities? What are the consequences of transporting dangerous substances with you and how to deal with them in the event of an incident?
  • Mobile portable pumps for polluted water (54)
    The company Klaudia belongs to the leading suppliers of pumps and pump sets for contaminated water. In the context of the guard and the rescue market, the main point of the offer are transportable mobile pumps for polluted water, possessing CNBOP-PIB approval certificates.
  • New cars of Polish manufacturers in fire service equipment (56)
    The new equipment provides the basis for effective rescue and rescue operations. The presented cars are adapted to conduct these actions independently or in cooperation with other rescue and fire extinguishing or special vehicles.
  • Knife for cutting, cutting, cutting off S-CUT. Number 1 in the world (67)
    The only such innovative, reliable device that makes saving life easier.
  • Fireproof impregnation and fire resistance of wooden structures (68)
    How much flammability, eg pine or spruce, affects the level of fire resistance? Can we raise, for example, the R15 to R30 class for a wooden roof structure using fire-proof impregnations?
  • A fire in a wooden house. A family of six without shelter (72)
    Conducted educational campaigns on fire safety for children, youth, adults and seniors must be continued to bring about an effect and cause a downward trend in the number of fires, injuries and fatalities, repeated from year to year.

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