• The subject of the issue
    • The use of drones in fire brigades (6)
      The article presents the areas of rescue operations carried out by the KSRG and associated organizations, in which unmanned aerial vehicles and systems are used, and global trends in the use of unmanned aerial platforms.
    • Decontamination of public facilities using the UVC method - new solutions (11)
      The pandemic situation forces a new look at the rules of organization of activities, and also significantly influences the verification of methods and equipment. The currently used rules of "Wet decontamination" cannot be used in all cases. That is why the so-called dry decontamination with the use of lamps generating UVC radiation
  • In Action
    • Ice rescue equipment - water rescue entities and fire brigade (17)
      The article presents ice rescue equipment used in the PODWODNIK rescue entity. Part of the hardware base was adapted from the guard, and part was acquired, based on own experience and solutions presented by others. Temporary solutions were also presented, assuming the use of other ice rescue equipment.
    • Safety of a rescuer - electronic supervision over rescuers in a dangerous zone - systems overview (25)
      For many years, leading manufacturers of respiratory protection equipment have been offering systems that increase the possibility of monitoring and transmitting parameters essential for the safety of rescuers by radio. In this article, I will try to present the idea and functional capabilities of these systems and the benefits of using them during rescue and firefighting operations, as well as my own observations in this regard.
    • Safety in the heating season (30)
      In the winter period associated with the use of the heating system, the number of incidents involving carbon monoxide increases quite often. Unfortunately, in many cases, the leakage of these devices or the owners' negligence related to their proper maintenance may lead to a disaster. That is why prevention and education of the society in this area are important.
    • What to go with? Magnetic and television (ROV) methods of searching for objects under water (35)
      In the previous issue (4/2020), traditional and hydrolocation methods of searching for objects under water were described. In this material, magnetic and television methods with the use of remotely controlled unmanned underwater vehicle will be discussed.
    • Selected issues in the field of fire investigations - causes of motor vehicle fires - part I (39)
      Precise determination of the cause of each fire is of great importance, as it allows not only to detect a potential perpetrator of the event, but above all allows for a correct analysis of the course of the fire. However real cause of the fire can be determined only through painstaking investigations by the statement of facts, formulating hypotheses and exclusion factors, which after a careful analysis rejects as impossible to occur.
    • Snowmobiles in Poland (47)
      The first snowmobiles appeared in Poland in the 1950s of the previous century. One of them was a medium-sized snow car built on the Star A-25L (4x2) chassis, with an extended wheelbase. The newest heavy snow and powder car was designed and delivered by the company Szczęśniak Special Vehicles.
    • Ergonomics, safety and ecology in new designs of fire trucks presented at the "Florian" fair in Dresden (57)
      Innovative solutions, hybrid vehicles or a return to electric cars - these are just some of the modern fire trucks and equipment presented at the "Florian" fair in Dresden.
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