• The subject of the issue
    • The primal element in modern times (7)
      Technological advances are taking place in all industries and internal fire fighting (WSE) is no exception. Therefore, we will still encounter the possibility of using new technologies in firefighting, but also new technologies will often become a source of concern for many firefighters.
  • In Action
    • Risks related to contamination of clothes of a special firefighter with chemical substances (14)
      The article presents a short analysis of the problem of chemical contamination of personal protective equipment, in particular the clothes of a special firefighter, and the related health risks.
    • A tragic fire in a wooden apartment building in Szymbark (22)
      When a fire breaks down and kills people, we ask ourselves various questions. Could this tragedy have been prevented? What was the cause of the fire? Why didn't the people who died in the fire evacuate? These are often unanswered questions.
    • Coding of ADR tanks (34)
      During activities related to breakdowns in transport of hazardous materials, consisting in damage to transport tanks to a degree that prevents their further use, it is very important to provide appropriate replacement tanks. A special case (requiring careful checking of replacement tanks) is the transport of materials in tanks. This article focuses on the appropriate selection of a replacement tank, taking into account the use of ADR tank coding.
    • Rights of the person in charge of a rescue operation - practical interpretation and formal and legal justification (40)
      Organizing rescue operations is a complex process. Each event leading to the intervention of entities and rescue services is an event that requires an individual approach and special involvement of entities participating in its liquidation.
    • The development of water mist technology in intervention activities (44)
      The publication discusses the tactic of extinguishing fires with the use of water mist produced by various types of devices. Currently, the strategic goals in the modern approach to firefighting are: creating a safe work environment for firefighters, limiting secondary damage to property caused by the action of water and smoke, and minimizing the environmental effects of extinguishing fires.
    • Organization of communication during rescue and firefighting operations (54)
      Effective information flow during rescue and firefighting operations is a necessary factor determining their course and even effectiveness. The exchange of information between rescuers and between them and the commander, as well as with the command post, are key elements of each action. Liaison with other services involved in the activities is also no less important.
    • The causes of fires in motor vehicles - part 2 (60)
      The primary aim of the visual inspection is to determine the location of the fire and to secure the traces confirming our hypothesis. This task is often very difficult, and sometimes even impossible.
    • Photovoltaic installations - legal problems and dilemmas (66)
      Photovoltaic installations operating for several decades in many European countries, mounted on the roofs of buildings, facades or on the ground on ground structures are a sight that has also appeared in Poland in the last few years. The intensive development of this technology and the number of installations in our country have not eliminated formal and legal problems and dilemmas related to the design and execution that meet the fire protection conditions
    • Hyperbaric methods of searching for objects under water (75)
      When deciding on the method of searching, many people assume in advance that a diver under water is the best solution. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Of course, it may be that its presence is necessary to perform certain activities, and the possibilities for introducing technical search methods will be limited.
    • School of Firefighting Specialists - part 1 (79)
      This article presents the training opportunities of the School of Firefighting Specialists in the Group, on the basis of which firefighters train their work in the Military Fire Brigades, for the purposes of the Military Fire Protection, as well as the National Fire and Rescue System.

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