• The subject of the issue
    • Remote detection in the State Fire Service (7)
      In incidents in which it is possible to emit a dangerous substance into the atmosphere, there is always a concern for the safety of rescuers who have to take action. Devices for remote contamination detection are to help them in this. In Poland, the most popular is the Rapid system , which is used both for securing mass events and in rescue and firefighting operations.
    • Radioactive contamination - what are they and how to recognize them? (12)
      Radiation has always been present with us, and despite our best efforts, we will not eliminate it. The article presents the basic concepts in the field of radiology, how to detect them, and describes the risks associated with each type of radiation.
  • In action
    • Hazardous chemicals (18)
      Hundreds of man-made chemicals are used in the products we use every day, so we are exposed to a large amount of chemicals. Some of them are considered to be hazardous to human health and the environment.
    • The causes of fires in motor vehicles - part III (26)
      All traces revealed on the spot must be secured. The main method of securing the collected information on the site of the site of fire is the inspection report. It should contain detailed data on the activities carried out.
    • Rescue in the face of flood risk (32)
      It would seem that the element of water is an ally of firefighters who helps them fight another element, i.e. fire. However, as the name suggests, water as an element can be unpredictable and it is often the case that firefighters have to contend with, and other emergency services shoulder to shoulder with them. Local inundations and floods are very often associated with numerous material losses, and sometimes even with casualties.
    • Equipping rescuers to carry out tasks at heights (38)
      Rescue at heights is carried out by many organizations in Poland. Also, firefighters must be able to choose the right equipment, both individual and team. Therefore, this article discusses the equipment of rescuers to perform tasks in the field of high-altitude rescue.
    • New technologies and fire protection systems (42)
      Our homes and workplaces are increasingly filled with various security systems, including fire protection systems. After all, the need for security is one of the most important human needs. Each of us would like to feel safe at home or at work. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to invest in various systems, the installation of which is usually required by law or results from economic analysis.
    • The essence of managing rescue operations (48)
      Managing rescue operations is a complex process that requires a functional person who is in charge of a rescue operation (KDR) to have very extensive knowledge in terms of area and often exceeding the typical firefighting knowledge. This state of affairs is influenced by many factors, including nature and size of the occurrence, type of forces and resources (SIS) and entities involved in the occurrence.
    • The School of Firefighting Specialists - part II (52)
      The second part of the article presents the training possibilities of the School of Firefighting Specialists in the Group, as well as the trainers used for this purpose.
    • Modern lifts Fire in Polish fire services (59)
      Fire tanks of leaded petrol in Rafi refineries Trzebinia in 2002 and the Gdansk Refinery in 2003, as well as the specifics of upper-tier establishments, such as refineries and petrochemical plants, cause the need for the Works Fire Brigades modern and the best, due to the technical and tactical parameters, very high-performance equipment, including fire trucks.
    • Technical development of fire trucks - part 1 (71)
      Today, when we see red cars rushing towards a fire through the streets of towns and villages, equipped with modern specialized fire equipment, we do not wonder how firefighters used to extinguish fires, what equipment they used for this purpose, what color was it this equipment. Fire was the most dangerous element that has threatened man from the earliest times. There was no escape from him, he took everything he encountered on his way, both belongings and human life.

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