• The subject of the issue
    • Technical rescue. Methods of freeing injured people from passenger cars with the use of hydraulic rescue devices (7)
      Over the last few years, technical rescue in Poland has developed significantly, and the awareness and skills of rescuers are increasing. This is not only because we have better and better equipment at our disposal, but most of all because firefighters exercise more and more. Practical classes, most often with the use of vehicle wrecks, are a huge mine of knowledge and experience. The topic of rescue techniques is therefore extremely important to have a wide range of possibilities, if necessary, to be used in real actions in the event of road incidents. The article describes the necessary techniques to extract people trapped in vehicles that are used in road accidents.
  • In Action
    • Road firefighting (18)
      Traffic accidents, collisions and other local hazards, such as leakage of hazardous substances or even fires of means of transport, are typical road incidents where firefighters conduct rescue and firefighting operations. For the time of these activities, they take over the road infrastructure, but after the hazard is eliminated, it returns to its proper owners or managers. How does it work in practice, who is responsible for what and what does it mean for the firefighters themselves?
    • Fire extinguisher cloth in fire protection (28)
      The rushing technological development, increasingly dense spatial development and commonly occurring materials of artificial origin have a direct impact on the intensification of fire hazards. Fire safety more and more often depends on the quick elimination of the resulting threat. The topics of dynamic changes in the security space are discussed many times during symposia and conferences, incl. Scientific and Training Conference in Spała or the International Conference "Internal Fires".
    • Rescue actions during incidents in illegal drug laboratories (38)
      In the modern world, the association of the word "drug" is unambiguous, and the fact that the law strictly regulates all aspects related to it, i.e. their production for the needs of the "street consumer" or, in other words, for " entertainment use "- is carried out illegally and out of any control, and certainly one that could be described as quality control or linking the described processes with production safety. Thus, the place of their production, i.e. the laboratory, takes on a completely different meaning than the one that functions in our imagination.
    • Causes of fires for electrical equipment and installations - Part 3 (44)
      A visual inspection of the fire scene is one of the most important on-site activities and is the main source of information for investigators or investigators. When examining the secured material later, it is very important to remember the place of the fire by memory and to detect traces that may have been overlooked while securing them.
    • The use of ADR
      exemptions in the activities of the State Fire Service on the example of the transport of medical oxygen (54) The COVID-19 pandemic imposed on the State Fire Service additional tasks related to the storage and transport of medical oxygen. Due to the emerging failures of oxygen distribution systems in hospitals, which hospitalized a large part of patients undergoing oxygen therapy, it was necessary to create a mobile oxygen supply located in warehouses based on selected UGS throughout the country. Therefore, let's take a look at the conditions for transport and storage of this material, which is very valuable from the point of view of public health, carried out by the State Fire Service.
    • The rights of the person in charge of the rescue operation or operation (61)
      Rescue operations require efficient management of the forces and resources subordinate to them by the rescue operation manager (KDR), appropriately prepared for this task. This preparation must be based on sound training and professional development in a continuous process.
    • The Prospects for Smart Fire Fighting Operations and Modern Fire Equipment - Part 2 (69)
      Worldwide fire losses are still too high and fire fighting very dangerous. Currently, data from different sources is collected independently and processed separately, but developing new technologies make it possible to use huge amounts of information. This gives high hopes for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of rescue operations.
    • Water and diving rescue after overturning accidents - part 1 (73)
      The first part of the article will discuss the legal basis and the most important rules of procedure in the event of a capsizing boat.
    • Firefighters in contact with people with hearing impairment - practical tips (80)
      A firefighter, performing the tasks entrusted to him, often struggles with various types of difficulties. The encountered adversities are related to the elements and communication barriers. The latter undoubtedly include contacts with deaf people. The lack of training in the basic knowledge of sign language and the culture of people with hearing impairments hinders communication between the firefighter and the injured person. Knowing the above-mentioned elements will help to improve the quality of assistance provided by fire fighting units.
  • Events
    • Spała 2022 spring edition - XIX edition of the Science and Training Conference of the magazine "W Akcji" (24)
      Report from the spring edition of the XIX edition of the Scientific and Training Conference of the magazine "W Akcji"
  • Promotional article
    • New DMR radios (52)
      Hytera Communications, a leading global provider of innovative solutions for professional radio communication, began introducing a new family of products in the ETSI DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) H series standard at the beginning of 2022.

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