The Occupational Safety and Health Forum (hereinafter referred to as the BHP Forum due to the name of the Internet domain it is associated with) was founded on April 5, 2003. as an independent initiative aimed at checking the interest of people dealing with occupational safety and the possibilities of exchanging information via the Internet. Currently, it is the largest Polish discussion forum devoted to safety issues in the work environment.

At the time of founding ForumBHP, there were already several websites running such forums. What distinguished ForumBHP among them was the fact that it was not and still is not associated with any formal organization representing the employees' environment. The forum was intended to be a short-term experiment. After a few months of operation, however, it turned out that it was registered by users with extensive knowledge, thanks to whom ForumBHP began to be perceived as a place worth visiting. ForumBHP is part of the Occupational Health and Safety Internet Service.

Welcome to the FORUM BHP