Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2020/164 (09)

  • Subject of the issue: Abstaining from work and referral to previous medical examinations
    When an employee performing work requiring special psychophysical fitness decides that his current instruction does not guarantee safe work performance, he may refrain from performing work. Although the regulations do not link the use of the above-mentioned entitlement with the issue of preventive medical examinations, it cannot be ruled out that in special cases the employer will have the right to refer the employee to the verification of his/her health ability to perform work that requires special psychophysical fitness.
  • Soon, the rules for posting workers will be changed
    Work is underway on an act aimed at implementing the provisions of the EU directive on the posting of workers as part of the provision of services. The new regulations will limit the period of posting workers to 12 months, with the possibility of extending this period by another 6 months on the basis of a notification submitted to the labor inspectorate. Get to know the details of the planned solutions.
  • Remote work extended by another 3 months
    Remote work has been planned as a temporary solution to counteract COVID-19, and the regulations that define it are to expire on September 4, 2020. Can employers expect an extension of the period of remote work? Especially since the epidemic is not going away at all.
  • Mobility package passed - important changes in drivers' working time
    July 8 this year The European Parliament finally approved, without any amendments, three legal acts making up the so-called mobility package. The package was to be published in August in the Official Journal.
  • New uniform text of the Labor Code
    At the end of July 2020, a new, unified text of the Act of June 26, 1974 - the Labor Code appeared. It was published in the Journal of Laws under item 1320.
    The National Labor Inspectorate published the inspection report for 2019
    In 2019, the National Labor Inspectorate carried out over 73.3 thousand. control. Interventions of labor inspectors allowed for the liquidation of 60.4 thousand jobs. cases of direct threat to the life and health of employees. Inspectors also performed new duties related to the implementation of the Employee Capital Plans program. What are the conclusions of this report?
  • Will the teacher's infection with coronavirus be an accident at work?
    As announced by the minister of education, from September 1, students and teachers are to return to schools. It is debatable whether schools are already prepared for this. But the first question that now arises is about the possible contamination of teachers at school with COVID-19. Will such an event be considered an accident at work?
  • How many people can work on the scaffolding at the same time
    Question: I have a question regarding the construction and operation of scaffolding. How many people can work on the scaffolding or the landing at the same time? What documentation is required for the scaffolding being built and work on it?
  • Sending the accident report to the labor inspector
    Accident at work - severe, collective or fatal, generates the obligation to notify the district labor inspector of this fact. The accident report concerning such accidents should be immediately delivered by the employer to the competent labor inspector. Unfortunately, a very general provision regulating this may, in practice, hinder the proper implementation of the said obligation.
  • Threats at the seller's workplace in the store
    During the OHS training, it is absolutely necessary to discuss the risks of factors occurring in work processes, as well as the rules and methods of eliminating or limiting the impact of these factors on employees. This is very important because employees, especially in large supermarkets, are exposed to many harmful and nuisance factors that affect their safety. In order to protect against hazards, you must first identify the most common hazards in the workplace. A well-prepared occupational risk assessment will help in this.
  • Costs for interrupted training. Does the employee have to return them to the employer
    Acquiring or upgrading qualifications by an adult employee with the intention of acquiring the skills required for the performance of a new profession (holding a new position) involves additional costs for the employee or the employer. What are the possibilities of the employer in a situation where the employee has not fulfilled his obligations to complete the training and has terminated the employment contract?
  • Is an insect bite an accident at work
    Question: An employee reports that he was bitten in the face (cheek) by an insect while working. After a medical consultation, he receives documentation with a description that it is a bite by a non-poisonous insect. Can such a bite be considered an injury according to the definition of an accident at work? The employee received a sick leave for 5 days.
  • First aid in case of burns
    In first aid, a burn is defined as damage to the skin caused by the action of one of 4 factors on the skin of the injured person - high temperature, chemical factors, electric current and radiation. How to proceed in such cases?

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