Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka 2017/06

  • The Matrix is accelerating. "Progress of Technology" conference with workshops (II pp.)
    "Progress of Technology" conference with workshops - Wrocław, 8 June 2017
  • Local reports (2)
    • The National Science Center supports basic research
    • European Investment Fund supports the Polish Venture Capital market
    • A new, fast track for the best projects
  • A + A 2017. The person counts (3)
    The largest and most important exhibition event in the OSH industry in the world, covering all sectors of safety, health and protection of people at work. Almost 1,900 exhibitors from 55 countries for approx. 70,000 m square exhibition area, over 65,000 guests from 86 countries in 2015 - this is the showcase of the A + A fair, inviting industry professionals to visit the Fairgrounds in Dusseldorf on October 17-20 this year.
  • Safe work at all ages. Conference "Age management and shaping health policy in companies and organizations" (4)
    We live longer, this is an undeniable fact. Over the last 65 years, the average life expectancy of Poles has increased, according to data from the World Health Organization, with an average of 53 eo. Around 77 years. Longer life means, among others theoretically greater potential for performing professional duties, but, unfortunately, seniors on the labor market have "uphill". On the one hand, some of them are struggling to keep pace with technological progress, are reluctant to adapt to changes in work organization, and on the other hand older employees are confronted with a lack of empathy and understanding from younger colleagues. These and other problems related to age management were discussed by participants of the conference, which was organized by CIOP-PIB as part of the European information campaign "Safe at the start, healthy at the finish line".
  • "Missing measure"? - young people with secondary education in the European labor market (6)
    The article aims to illustrate the situation of young people on the labor market in the European Union after the economic crisis and to present the actions taken by Member States for their social and professional activation. The article presents the situation of young people achieving average educational results, which, ignored in the public discourse and social programs of the EU, becomes a "missing measure". The EU priorities for youth have been analyzed, the situation of young people on the labor market, in particular young people with average educational outcomes, and young people who do not work, do not study or do not train (NEET). Selected activities undertaken in the EU for the purpose of professional and social activation of youth as well as the latest initiatives and development directions are presented.
  • Analysis of working conditions at traffic control centers (10)
    The article presents the results of research on working conditions in traffic control centers on the example of 10 selected rooms. The research covered the ergonomics of the work environment and factors that may affect the risk of the employee making a mistake: noise, mechanical vibrations and lighting. Working conditions were assessed on the basis of current regulations and standards regarding the work environment. It showed that both noise at work stations and room acoustics, except for isolated cases, meet the requirements specified in the relevant standards. In the case of the impact of mechanical vibrations on people in the buildings of the centers, it showed exceeding the permissible values in all tested shades. The assessment of electric lighting revealed that the most common problem was the occurrence of decontrast reflections on the control panels. In the field of ergonomic evaluation, the positions of multiple monitors were found to be too high for computer monitors. There was also a lack of comfort of working position resulting from lack of leg room due to the construction of desks limiting the leg room (including too thick table tops) and the lack of adjustment of the armrests of the chairs, which limit the possibility of bringing the chair to the table.
  • Use of faceted search in libraries (15)
    Following other libraries, the CIOP-PIB Library undertook activities related to the implementation of the PRIMO search engine to search for information in shared, domain information resources. The article presents the possibilities of reaching the readers' needed specialist information in the area of occupational health and safety in the resources of the Institute's Library. For this purpose, a faceted search engine is used, which is an example of the development of information technology applications in libraries.
  • Use of hearing protectors for shale gas working on drilling rigs (19)
    The article presents the results of measurements of noise parameters and the assessment of noise exposure of shale gas drilling rig workers. A practical example of the selection of hearing protectors was also presented at work stations where noise levels were exceeded in the audible range. Research shows that at the workplaces of an electrician, mechanic and helper's tower helper, in order to reduce exposure to noise, as well as to increase the comfort of work, there is a necessity to use two types of hearing protectors.
  • 85th meeting of the Interministerial Commission for Highest Permissible Concentrations and Strengths of Factors Harmful to Health in the Work Environment (23)
  • Coalescing filters used in the filtration of liquid aerosols (26)
    The liquid substances used in the chemical industry and in related industries can adversely affect exposed workers and the natural environment, therefore their elimination from off-gases is an important issue from the point of view of occupational safety and environmental protection. An important role in the process of removing these impurities is played by coalescing filters, i.e. enabling the removal of the liquid phase by combining droplets and draining them. Research on new filtration structures and increasing their applicability is being conducted all over the world. The review article presents information on the principle of coalescing filters (mainly in relation to aerosol filtration), factors affecting their effectiveness and the areas of their application.
  • The Labor Protection Council at the Sejm of the Republic of Poland debated
    • PIP report for 2016 - more advice, fewer sanctions (28)
      At the June Labor Protection Council meeting, the Chief Labor Inspector submitted a report on the activities of the National Labor Inspectorate in 2016. As Roman Giedrojć emphasized at the outset, it was a special year in which a somewhat different hierarchy of priorities emerged and the overriding of actions was visible, in line with the philosophy of the new chief inspector. This approach is best expressed in the strategy of the first inspection, initiated by Roman Giedrojć immediately after taking office.
  • Latte notes (29)
  • Changes in regulations (30)
    • Working time on inland waterway vessels
    • Safety and hygiene at work on manual transport work – changes
  • We answer readers' questions (31)
    • I plan to retire from October 1, 2017. When can I apply for this benefit? Can I get information on how much my retirement will be before?
    • I am drawing a pre-retirement benefit and making money in my former company. Do I have to settle accounts with ZUS?
    • I will apply for a pension in July. How long will ZUS have to make a decision about granting the benefit?
    • What is the length of service entitling you to a pension, depending on the date of the disease?
    • Who is entitled to a care supplement?
  • Reports from abroad (32)