• The end of the epidemic threat and the employer's obligations; Topic for the summer: is 0% piso permissible during work; TOOLEX 2023 International Fair in Katowice
  • XXIII Symposium "Occupational hygiene and employee health"; Project "Ukrainian employee on the Polish labor market. Preventive examinations"
  • In the World: About a civilized labor market
  • Health and safety management in the accommodation and catering sectors; A remastered version of the first film in the Napo series on the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work
  • EU-OSHA news
  • The latest report "Occupational health and safety in Europe: state and trends 2023"; Stockholm EU Occupational Health and Safety Summit
  • To the biographical dictionary of people distinguished for the protection of people in the work environment: Jerzy Wroński
  • New or amended labor protection regulations
  • Timeline of human protection in the work environment
  • They are gone - But we remember
  • We remember: Paweł Chojecki, Renata Grabska, Ryszard Wrzesień
  • Occupational Health and Safety Inspector Glossary: J (part 3)

Informator Ochrony Pracy - (Labor protection guide) - the whole list

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