• Legal Comments
    • Data leakage in the facility – what procedures to implement (1)
      Effective protection of personal data and sensitive information contained in medical records requires the use of appropriate procedures. How to develop these procedures to strengthen data security in the facility?
    • Digital data security in occupational health clinics (4)
      Storing data on servers, organizing the registration process in a specific way and dividing information into categories are key solutions to secure computer systems in medical facilities. However, there are many other factors that need to be taken care of to ensure that patient data remains secure.
    • Securely deleting documents with personal data - important tips (6)
      The processing of personal data is inextricably linked to the need to destroy the media on which the data is stored. In this context, you must comply with the relevant regulations and act carefully, especially in terms of technical aspects. So what should you do to stay safe?
    • Sensitive data in an occupational medicine clinic – what you need to remember (7)
      Maintaining the security of personal data and medical records is a priority for medical facilities. There are many security measures that can be implemented to effectively protect this information and prevent unauthorized disclosure. The article provides some tips to help keep your data safe.
    • How to process personal data of respondents (8)
      Managing the processing of personal data contained in medical records plays a key role in improving the quality of operation of a medical facility and can bring significant savings. So how can we develop optimal solutions in this area?
    • How to organize telephone registration at an occupational medicine clinic (9)
      If a patient makes an appointment by phone to use a medical service, e.g. an occupational medicine examination, no additional consent is required. If a medical facility attempts to obtain such consent, this is an unauthorized action. However, there are a few other things you should pay attention to when registering.
    • Software licenses: how to avoid unnecessary expenses (11)
      When deciding to implement electronic health records, it is important to carefully consider purchases and avoid unnecessary expenses. This is crucial because choosing software to handle medical records is a long-term commitment. So how can we avoid mistakes that can burden us for a long time?
    • How to destroy documentation legally (12)
      Medical records, regardless of their form - paper or electronic, require special protection. Negligence in this respect may lead to serious legal, financial and disciplinary consequences. So how can we properly protect medical records?
    • Supervision of the electronic medical records system – what to include in the procedures (13)
      Data processed by a medical facility is extremely valuable and valuable, often more than the equipment itself. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare appropriate procedures for supervising electronic medical records systems to prevent possible costs related to data loss.
  • Forms
    • Medical documentation destruction protocol – how to complete it (14)
    • When does the GDPR allow the processing of health data (15)
  • Instructions
    • How to prepare for a UODO inspection – instructions (16)

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