• Social assistance abroad
    • The "last haven" of terminally ill children. Model assumptions and practice in Poland and Ukraine (5)
      The article presents the assumptions of the hospice work and compared the situation in this area in Poland and Ukraine.
  • Research
    • Satisfaction with older people's life in the light of theoretical issues and research in Poland (23)
      The article is a review paper on the issue of satisfaction with the life of seniors. Achieving an optimal level of satisfaction by older people is currently very difficult due to the changing reality and difficulty adapting to it. The aim of the article is to explain the concept of life satisfaction, show the terms related to it, and their similarities and differences in meaning; recognition and interpretation of contemporary theories of life satisfaction, showing the diversity of methodological approaches and relationality in conducting research on the satisfaction of senior citizens. The intention is also to emphasize the essence of research into the satisfaction of older people's life in society and building a favorable seniority policy. Data collection was based on the method of content analysis of scientific studies in the field of social sciences.
    • Opportunities for development of adolescents growing up in migration families in the context of hope for success (42)
      The article discusses the hope of success among adolescents growing up in migrant families. This issue is connected with the problems of social work, family sociology and psychology of human development. The article aims to bring the issue of adolescents growing up in migrant families, forced - in connection with parents' economic leave - to face new responsibilities, often typical of an adult, but inadequate at this stage of development.
  • For discussion
    • Deinstitutionalization of the social welfare system as a chance for a dignified life of people in need of support and care (71)
      The article discusses the social situation of people who, due to age, difficult socio-economic conditions, disability or chronic illness, require support in the form of 24-hour living, caring or nursing services. The system of Polish social assistance in the aspect of the operation of the facilities of a 24-hour stay is shown.
  • Between theory and practice
    • Corrective and educational programs for perpetrators of domestic violence - theory and practice (85)
      The article describes the theoretical and practical aspects of corrective and educational programs for people using domestic violence.
  • Closer to the law
    • Obligation to support children against parents and the right to social assistance benefits (101)
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