In the latest issue of the "Health and Safety Promoter", the leading topic is Health and Safety in the auto-automotive industry - an automated production line. In the November issue you can read, among others o: safe work on the production line in the automotive industry, modern solutions and good practices in the health and safety industry, safety at the workplace equipped with cooperating robots, hazards encountered while working on the peanut butter production line.

  • Number of issue
    • Work safety on a production line in the automotive industry (8)
      Currently manufactured cars are complex and complicated technical facilities. It is therefore appropriate to use production lines for their production. You also can't forget about occupational health and safety issues when designing workplaces.
  • Risk assessment
    • Risk assessment at work on a peanut butter production line (14)
      Every employee who has contact with food is required to have a valid sanitary and epidemiological book, and in connection with their profession, each illness should be reported to the employer. We present the hazards at work on a peanut butter production line.
  • Promotional article
    • Best fit and optimal freedom of movement thanks to MASCOT® UNIQUE (19)
      MASCOT® UNIQUE is basically a workwear brand in and of itself. Discover the range of products, materials and colors with virtually unlimited possibilities of combining them - always with the best cut and optimal freedom of movement!
  • Work safety
    • Safety in the workplace equipped with collaborative robots. Selected issues (22)
      Technical progress is constantly expanding the area of potential use of industrial robots. It is important that the mechanisms to protect people in the fourth industrial revolution enable the integration of people with machines, as we show in this article.
    • Health and safety - modern solutions and good practices (30)
      At the beginning of October, the 17th EVISA Workshop took place, which was attended by 15 companies and 29 participants. Those interested could, among others become familiar with the concept of "open communication" in relation to health and safety matters. Is open communication about health and safety matters possible in companies?
    • Improving OHS management systems, including PN-ISO 45001: 2018-06. Part IV (38)
      The fourth part of the cycle on improving health and safety management based on PN-ISO 45001: 2018-06 standard presents, among others, the importance of employees' awareness of policies and objectives of occupational health and safety.
  • Accident Analysis
    • Capture by a conveyor belt (46)
      There was a serious accident at the factory last year. A 23-year-old employee suffered serious injuries. One of the reasons was probably the arbitrary attempt of the injured person to manually remove garbage from the conveyor belt.
  • Promotional article
    • Health and safety applications in Virtual Reality technology. Innovative tools for conducting OHS, fire protection and first aid training (51)
  • Ergonomics
    • Ergonomics in the automotive industry (52)
      The automotive industry is one of the fastest, most dynamically developing branches of economy. In our country, although there are no large enterprises producing ready-made cars, this industry is highly rated as one of the key sectors of the economy.
  • First aid
    • Quality for weight of life (56)
      Five simple elements: the right place, pace, depth, full relaxation and minimizing breaks increases survival in sudden cardiac arrest. Each employer should provide employees with training in this area.
  • Comparative review
    • Overview of protective gloves (61)
  • Events
    • Conference on the "OHS Promoter" - "Human factor and safety development" (70)
      On October 14-16, another edition of the conference organized by the editors of the "OHS Promoter" took place in Zabrze.
    • III National Forum of Health and Safety Service. Safety of the future employee (74)
      180 people took part in the 3rd National Forum of Health and Safety Service "Safety of the employee of the future". The event was co-organized by the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute.
    • Preventive health protection in industry and mining (76)
      On September 19-20, the first conference organized by the Polish Association of Occupational Safety and Health Service Employees Branch in Katowice Industry - Mining took place in Kamień Śląski.
    • 32 International Bielsko Energetic Fair ENERGETAB® 2019 (78)
      The 32nd edition of the International Energy Fair Bielsko took place on September 17-19 at the ZIAD Bielsko-Biała SA exhibition grounds. 724 exhibitors from 24 European, Asian and US countries presented themselves at this year's fair.
    • VIII Scientific Conference 'Occupational Safety - Environment - Management' (80)
      On October 8-9, 2019, the 8th Scientific Conference "Occupational Safety - Environment - Management" organized in Szczyrk organized by the College of Technical Sciences and Management at the College of Occupational Safety Management in Katowice.
    • Safe work in confined spaces (81)
      The fourth edition of the "3M Science. Conference is behind us. Applied to life - Safe work in confined spaces. " It touched on the subject of particularly dangerous works in which numerous accidents occur. Over 100 participants took part in this year's edition.
    • November full of knowledge for maintenance specialists! (82)
      This year's autumn is an inspiring time for the manufacturing industry. Behind us Technical Conferences in Opole, Olsztyn, Lublin and several other cities. Time for more events and completely new locations. Where will Axon Media trainings take place this time?

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