• Theme of the issue
    • Welding works and the level of their hazards and the employer's liability (6)
      Performing welding work involves various risks. How to ensure safe working conditions for welders? From the article you will learn: what requirements must be met to become a welder; what actions should the employer take to ensure safe working conditions for people performing welding work; what actions employees should take to ensure their own and others' safety.
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment for a carpenter (12)
      Occupational risk is the potential threat to the health and safety of employees resulting from the work they perform. The carpentry industry, despite the use of modern technologies and tools, still involves risks. The article presents the most important of them and the rules for minimizing them to an acceptable level. From the article you will learn: what mechanical hazards occur in the carpentry industry and how to prevent them; what are the risks related to noise in the carpentry industry; What should you pay attention to when it comes to ergonomics in carpentry?
  • Work safety
    • 10 ideas for health and safety in corporations (18)
      The article contains 10 solutions that are worth implementing in your company to improve occupational health and safety during everyday work.
    • Safe construction ethos (26)
      Safe construction management should be carried out using the stages of an organized activity cycle. How are these types of activities carried out? From the article you will learn: what is the difference between management and management; what are the methods of performing construction works; how the actions taken affect the safety of construction works.
    • Requirements of directives 2006/42/EC (machinery) and 2009/104/EC (tools) (34)
      More and more attention is paid to the safe use of machines, devices and installations. Why were the Machinery and Tools Directives introduced and how do they affect the safety of workplaces? From the article you will learn: what was the purpose of introducing the Tools Directive; what are the differences between the WED directive and the MD directive; how to evaluate devices.
    • Influenza vaccination among health care workers. Why is it worth getting the flu vaccine? (42)
      The autumn-winter season is a period of increased incidence of, among others: for flu. Healthcare workers are particularly vulnerable to it. How to protect yourself against it? From the article you will learn: what types of viruses cause flu; when is the best time to get vaccinated against flu; how to facilitate access to influenza vaccinations for health care workers.
  • Women in occupational health and safety
    • I had to prove that the woman was suitable for the position (50)
      Agata Dubik, known on Instagram and TikTok as the occupational health and safety guy, took part in another conversation from the "Women in occupational health and safety" series. She told the editors of "Promotor BHP" about her professional path, everyday challenges and the situation of women in the occupational health and safety industry.
  • Law
    • The regulations do not specify maximum temperatures in the workplace (54)
      The Ombudsman receives complaints about applicable legal provisions, which do not ensure safe and hygienic working conditions for employees because they do not specify maximum temperatures in the workplace.
    • Forms of therapeutic rehabilitation for employees (56)
      The article presents the forms of therapeutic rehabilitation available to employees and financed from public funds. The article presents the types of therapeutic rehabilitation that an employee is entitled to under health insurance and social insurance. From the article you will learn: who is eligible for therapeutic rehabilitation; what forms of rehabilitation an employee can use; where rehabilitation services are provided.
  • Events (63)

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