Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2020/165 (09-10)

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    • The new definition of mobbing may cause many problems (3)
      Work is underway to amend the Labor Code as regards the definition of mobbing. It is about extending it by a category that distinguishes the amount of remuneration according to gender. However, according to the expert, extending the definition of mobbing to include this issue already raises many doubts. Why?
    • Until when to use anti-crisis solutions (4)
      Some provisions of the anti-crisis shield will expire in early September. How does this affect the anti-crisis solutions? Which of them can still be used?
  • Recipes with commentary
    • Correct identification of the employer on the new model of the initial training card (6)
      It is the responsibility of every employer to provide employees with health and safety training, which should then be properly documented. Not only training programs are used for this, but in particular the initial training cards. Such a card, filled in in accordance with the applicable model, should contain the name of the employer. But the term - Employer's details - is not very precise. So what information should be included?
  • Court case law
    • The amount of compensation for an accident at work is influenced by the employee's joint liability (7)
      The employer's liability to the employee under Art. 430 of the Civil Code (liability for damage caused to third parties), the rule applies, which allows to determine the amount of compensation (compensation) due to the employee, taking into account the possible contribution of the injured employee to the damage.
  • The subject of the issue
    • Health and safety requirements at the position of a car tinsmith (8)
      The body shop is the place where the car body is repaired. The tinsmith's working conditions vary, depending on the type and nature of the works performed. Work usually takes place in a standing position, and the tinsmith works mostly in closed rooms. A car tinsmith is exposed to many harmful, burdensome and dangerous factors that have a direct impact on work safety. What minimum health and safety requirements should a body shop meet?
  • Questions & Answers
    • How to keep a record of workers exposed to biological agents (12)
      Is it possible to create a register once and then only every year add employees who start work? If it is a paper register, is it enough to add employees on a separate sheet or create a new register every year? What should the cooperation with the HR department look like, how should the staff inform the behaviorist about changes so that these records are kept well?
    • Do you have to pay Social Security contributions for the social labor inspector's salary (13)
      Should an employee pay social security and health insurance contributions on the additional remuneration received by an employee as a social labor inspector?
  • Employer Responsibilities
    • When an employee informs about contact with a person infected with coronavirus (14)
    • On what basis to process the employee's data in the certificate of disability (15)
      The disability certificate contains not only ordinary personal data, but also data of a special category - information about the disability and the symbol assigned to it. Who can access this information? And on what basis can the employer process them?
  • OHS training - questions and answers
    • Periodic training for managers. Can the employer be its organizer (16)
      Can the organizer of training for managerial staff only be an organizational unit conducting training activities in the field of OSH? Can the training be provided by the employer?
    • Periodic training for an employee in economic downtime. Is it possible (16)
      Can blue-collar workers who are currently in an economic downtime participate in periodic OSH training?
  • Working conditions
    • Control of a remote worker in his own home (17)
      The regulations on remote work do not allow the employer to control the employee in his own home. Remote work is different from teleworking, so health and safety control is also not an option. However, the employee may notify the employer of the inability to perform remote work due to personal, material or housing conditions. When communicating his objections about remote work, he does not have to inform about the personal situation, premises or household members. Is remote work subject to any control?
    • Medical examinations of teachers in the era of coronavirus (18)
      Are there any changes in teachers' medical examinations due to the coronavirus?
  • Accidents at work
    • An employee reported an accident that happened last year. What to do now (19)
  • First aid
    • Choking hazard - how to give first aid (20)

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