Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) 2021/03

  • Factors affecting the increase in methane hazard in longwalls in the light of the experiences of the Central Mining Institute
    The publication discusses the factors influencing the level of methane hazard in the areas of longwalls in Polish hard coal mines in the period of implementing restructuring measures, resulting in, inter alia, an increase in extraction concentration. Experiences of GIG Experimental Mine "Barbara", incl. in the field of combating methane and fire hazards in Polish mines and the 20-year cooperation of this scientific and research unit with the State Mining Authority allowed for the development of rules, guidelines and criteria for the assessment of methane hazard, which are tools for practitioners in conditions of gradually increasing methane emission into the environment of the walls . The publication discusses the effects of this cooperation in terms of improving work safety in hard coal mines.
  • The impact of mining exploitation in the "Wieliczka" mine on the ground surface
    The article compares the forecasts of rock mass deformation and the ground surface with the observations and measurements performed by the "Wieliczka" salt mine. The voids left after exploitation under the influence of rock mass pressure are subject to the natural process of slow clamping. In order to determine the impact of mining operations on the ground surface, the mine monitors surface and rock mass deformation by means of leveling measurements on the ground surface and convergence measurements in underground workings. Based on these measurements, an analysis of surface subsidence , mine levels and the convergence of excavations was performed in order to obtain the computational parameters used to develop the impact forecast. The forecast was made using a mathematical model to forecast deformation of the rock mass and the terrain surface (the so-called Knothe theory ). The forecast of impacts predicts the occurrence of subsidence of the land surface in a vast zone elongated towards the WE, with several local depression basins within it (Fig. 5-8). The mine measurement results are compared with the forecast results, showing their high correlation. The results of the forecast may therefore constitute the basis for spatial development planning and space development. According to the forecast, in the period from 2012 to 2037, the maximum increase is expected: vertical displacements up to w max = 0.53 m, horizontal deformations up to ε max = 2.95 mm / m and slopes in the trough profile up to T max = 4, 53 mm / m. Above the values correspond at most to category II of the mining area.
  • Transport of materials in containers as an alternative to rail transport (Press release)
    The article presents the transport of materials via the L-VI shaft in KGHM Polska Miedź O / ZG "Lubin". Due to the lack of rail infrastructure in the area of the L-VI shaft, it was necessary to use containers dedicated to various types of materials, the carrier of which, apart from the shaft, is a mining lift conveyor. Container transport from warehouses above ground, through the shaft to the logistics center at the bottom of the mine is an interesting alternative to rail transport.
  • Babska Szychta. Women in the mining world were, are and will be
  • Max Steckel - the first photographer to show
  • Bushcraft , meaning he went into the woods, but as if he wasn't there

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