W Akcji (In Action) 2020/01

In the latest issue of the W Akcji magazine, the subject of the issue is education in the fire profession. In the next part you can read, among others, about: ethics in search and rescue groups, cooperation of services in the liquidation of illegal landfills, fire cars presented at IFRE-EXPO in 2019, organization of rescue operations on ice. The edition has been enriched with a product catalog.

  • Subject of issue
    • Fire training (6)
      We are considered to be very professional service. are this is in reality? It is difficult to know because we have no professional competition and it is difficult to compare professionals to volunteers. The article presents educational paths in the State Fire Service.
  • In action
    • Ethics in search and rescue groups (10)
      Searching in the structures of the TSO, civil associations, WOPR have become fashionable. Today everyone wants to look for the missing. Being a hero has become a priority for many volunteers. What should the search team be like?
    • Tame the element of water. Part 2 (14)
      In the second part of the article, the author analyzes, among others scale of tactical possibilities of SIS water feeding, called the "gradient of attack". It shows the minimum, intermediate and maximum efficiency with which firefighters will feed water to the source of the fire.
    • A burning problem. Cooperation of services on the liquidation of illegal waste dumps (20)
      Recently, a wave of landfill fires has swept across Poland. For over two years, there has been no week to avoid such events. Actions of many services towards changes in regulations are to lead to stopping this phenomenon as soon as possible.
    • In a land of fire and ice (32)
      Last year, the company WISS (Wawrzaszek Inżynieria Specjalnych Cars) from Bielsko-Biała delivered four heavy-duty rescue and fire-fighting vehicles to the fire department in Reykjavik. The two-axle Scania P500 B4x4HZ chassis was used to build them.
    • Fire trucks presented at IFRE-EXPO 2019 (44)
      At IFRE-EXPO 2019, much more various fire-fighting equipment was presented than in the previous edition. All major fire truck manufacturers, including Bocar, Moto Truck, Magirus, Szczesniak PS, Rosenbauer and Wawrzaszek ISS, presented their products.
    • Organization of ice rescue operations (54)
      When colder days and nights arrive and the surface is covered with a thick layer of snow and ice, rescue operations become more difficult. Rescuers should exercise extreme caution, especially when intervention is carried out in ice-covered waters.
  • Events
    • SLEEP 2019. XVII Scientific-Training Conference of the magazine W W Akcji (60)
      On November 14-15, 2019, the 17th Scientific and Training Conference - "HAZMAT and CBRNE" took place at the INWEST Training and Recreation Center in Smar-dzewice near Spała. Thank you all for coming and invite you to the next edition in 2020.
    • 145 anniversary of the establishment of the TSO in Stary Sącz (64)
      On November 9, 2019, shortly before the 101st anniversary of Poland regaining independence, the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Stary Sącz experienced the 145th anniversary of the uprising and the first anniversary of the unveiling of the monument dedicated to the underground fire organization "Skała".
    • 40 years have passed (66)
      In Zakopane in October 2019, a friendly meeting of officers took place, who started their professional fire career in 1979 at the Higher Officers' School of Fire in Warsaw.
    • INTERSCHUTZ 2020 (66)
      From 15 to 20 June 2020 at the Deutsche Messe trade fair in Hanover, the largest and most important fire fair will take place - the International Fair of Fire, Natural Disasters, Rescue, Safety and Security "INTER-SCHUTZ 2020".
    • Catalog Edition 2020 (67)
    • Catalog partners (68)
    • Table of Contents (69)
    • List of Companies (70)
  • Company presentations
    • Hytera Ad Hoc integrated communication system in crisis situations (72)
    • Standby power supply systems (76)
  • Product overview
    • Equipment and means of individual protection of the fireman (84)
    • Rescue equipment (87)
    • Pumps, motor pumps and power generators (88)

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