• Subject of the issue: Find out what the rates of environmental fees are in 2021. Entities
    using the environment submit to the voivodship marshal lists containing information and data on the use of the environment and the amount of fees due for the use of the environment for the previous calendar year by 31 March next year.
  • New regulations on calculating the WEEE collection rate
    The minimum annual level of waste equipment collection is calculated as a percentage of the annual average weight of equipment placed on the market, while the detailed method of calculating the minimum annual level of waste equipment collection is specified in the annex to the regulation. Details below.
  • Attention! New penalties in the Environmental Protection
    Ministry of Climate and Environment has developed a draft law amending the Environmental Protection Law (hereinafter: the Act EPL ), which will amend the provisions on the National Register of Pollutant Release and Transfer, including introduce new administrative sanctions. The act will be amended to adapt the current provisions on the Register to the new EU regulations.
  • Entrepreneur's obligations in February 2021
  • Don't forget to report to BDS!
    The Reporting Database (BDS) on Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases (F-Gases) is an online system through which reports on, inter alia, the marketing and use of these substances. It was established pursuant to Art. 41 paragraph. 1 of the Act of May 15, 2015 on substances that deplete the ozone layer and on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.
  • You can already prepare most of the documents at BDO
    Until the end of December, some documentation had to be kept on paper - it was not possible to enter it into the BDO system. This has changed since January 2021. Do I have to keep any documents on paper? You will find the answers in the article.
  • Waste Shipment and Waste Report
    Question: Do shipping companies have to send a waste report, and if so, on what basis?

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